Contextual Studies


Contextual Studies is designed to complement and build on the learning outcomes introduced in the Learning Innovation Skills module from semester one. The learner will research defined topics and develop concepts and ideas through the creation of presentations, artworks and artistic statements. They will participate in group discussions / projects and further enhance their ability to critically self-evaluate.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Demonstrate an ability to gather reference and visual material and to utilise sketches and notes etc. so as to develop a clearly structured process of ideas development.

  2. Demonstrate a critical prespective on personal and unfamiliar judgments and willingness to develop fresh prespectives within specialized project work.

  3. Display an ability to critically self-evaluate with greater confidence and proficiency.

  4. Demonstrate effective group learning and communication skills in a variety of formats.

  5. Explore the creative process and create artistic statements which investigate the nature of practice and skills in the field of art and design.

% Coursework 100%