Updates and advice on Coronavirus from GMIT

GMIT Coronavirus updates and advice

It is critical that everyone completes these 12 Covid-mitigating actions daily so that we can have a safe campus for all.


1. Before you attend campus each day - complete the “Daily Health Check Form”:  This can be found at:  Daily Health Check Form

2. If you have any of the COVID symptoms, do not attend campus, but contact your GP or your student health provider:  The Covid Delta variant symptoms are: Runny nose (hay fever like), Headache, Sore throat, New cough, Fever (38oC or more), Shortness of breath, Loss or change to sense of smell or taste.

3. Before you return to campus, watch these 2 short Covid Safety Videos :  Attending Campus Video.mp4   and   GMIT Covid 19 Safety Video.mp4.

4. Register before attending campus, and as part of the registration process complete the Student Health Declaration Form (Campus Access). 

5. Wear a mask. Everyone must wear a mask at all times (3-layer reusable or disposable (changed daily) mask.  Mask should be well fitted – ensure it covers the nose and mouth.

6. Log your attendance at every teaching activity – log your presence by completing the Class Attendance & Location Record. This will allow for contact tracing should it be needed.

7. Sanitize your work/study space before and after use.  Sanitising wipes are provided in every room.

8. Please maintain a physical distance from others when possible.

9. Practice good hand hygiene and good respiratory etiquette.  Frequent hand washing/sanitisation & cover nose/mouth with a tissue / inner elbow.

10. Travel to Campus:  Students should ideally travel to campus alone.  It is recommended to avoid public transport, if possible, by walking, cycling, or driving by oneself.  If it is necessary to share a lift or to use public transport, wear a mask and ensure windows are open in the car / bus.

11. Maintain your own contact log - keep your own record of staff/students that you meet and download and use the Covid Tracker App:  HSE COVID-19 Tracker App

12. If you develop Covid symptoms at college. Contact your lecturer or Head of Department and and return home to isolate.  If you need to wait in GMIT prior to returning home, isolation rooms are available:

     Dublin Rd campus:  Room 153.          CCAM:  Room 128

     Mayo Campus:  Room B004                Letterfrack Meeting Room 1

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