Cost Studies 2


This module aims to give students the knowledge of the cost planning process on construction projects.This module builds on the Cost Studies1 Module and the focus of learning is on cost planning process, activities, outputs and communication of same in relation to the main project process of the OGC gateway. The module will appraise the procurement, cost planning, procurement and tendering options for the management of construction projects including refurbishment projects. The use of cost data in estimating, updating tenders and in the preparation of cost analysis will be included in this module. Insurance reinstatement valuations and best practice for the preparation of valuations will form part of this module.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Appraisal of the cost planning proccesses for public sector construction projects

  2. Demonstrate an understanding of the principles of value for money including a knowledge of value management on construction projects.

  3. Interpret and apply reasonable professional judgment in the application of the subject in those circumstances generally encountered in practice including knowledge of professional ethics

  4. Apply knowledge of measurement and costing including the building up of unit rates for inclusion in elemental cost planning documentation

  5. Demonstrate knowledge of the complexities of cost planning, procuring and tendering for refurbishment construction projects.

  6. Critique, Interpret, analyse and manipulate data for use in preparing cost Analysis, cost planning and updating of Indices for use in cost planning

  7. Demonstrate knowledge of sustainability in relation to the construction Industry and role of the Quantity Surveyor in the delivery of construction projects.

  8. Practice an ability to communicate and work effectively within a team environment, with reference to the production of project documentation, including standard cost forms, sources of specialist information and IT system

% Coursework 50%
% Final Exam 50%