Undergraduate Courses

Up to Level 8

Undergraduate Courses

Leagan Gaeilge

GMIT offers a range of undergraduate courses to both new and continuing students.

Courses are offered in areas such as: Agriculture, Business, Computing, Creative Arts & Media, Engineering, Furniture, Nursing and Social Care, Outdoor Education, Science, Teacher Education and Tourism Hospitality & Heritage.

All undergraduate courses are categorised under the National Framework of Qualifications (NFQ) as follows:

Level 6: Higher Certificate
Level 7: Bachelor Degree
Level 8: Honours Bachelor Degree, Higher Diploma

Progression opportunities are available to GMIT students to progress from one award level to a higher level across a broad range of courses.


TitleLevelCAO Code
Agriculture and Environmental Management (Hons)8GA 789
Rural Enterprise and Agri Business (Hons)8GA187
Agriculture and Environmental Management7GA777
Rural Enterprise and Agri-Business7GA172


TitleLevelCAO Code
Accounting (Hons)8GA181
Business (Hons)8GA182
Business Information Systems (Hons)8GA183
Entrepreneurship Level 88GA186
Finance & Economics (Hons)8GA185
Information Technology for Business (Hons)8
Marketing and Sales (Hons)8GA184
Business Information Systems7GA171
Marketing and Sales7GA174
Business (HC)6GA160

Design and Creative Arts

TitleLevelCAO Code
Common First Year - Furniture Design, Making and Technology (Hons)8GA984
Contemporary Art (Hons)8GA283
Design (Hons)8GA284
Film and Documentary (Hons)8GA281
Furniture and Digital Manufacturing (Hons)8
Furniture Design and Manufacture (Hons)8
Furniture Making and Architectural Woodworking (Hons)8
Teacher Education - Art, Design and Graphics (Hons)8GA285
Teacher Education - Design, Graphics and Construction (Hons)8GA980
Common First Year - Furniture Design, Making and Technology7GA974
Contemporary Art7GA273
Furniture and Digital Manufacturing7
Furniture Design and Manufacture7
Furniture Making and Architectural Woodworking7


TitleLevelCAO Code
Ard Dioplóma8
Culinary and Gastronomic Sciences (Hons)8GA382
Event Management with PR (Hons, Add-On)8
Event Management with Public Relations (Hons)8GA384
Heritage Studies (Hons)8GA282
International Hotel Management (Hons)8GA380
International Hotel Management (Hons, Add-on)8
International Tourism Management (Hons)8GA381
Religious Studies8
Culinary and Gastronomic Sciences7GA378
Event Management with PR7GA376
Heritage Studies7GA272
Hotel and Catering Management7GA370
International Tourism Management7GA377
Certificate in Pastry, Baking and Desserts6
Culinary Arts (Higher Certificate)6GA361
Culinary Skills - SPRINGBOARD+6
Fundamentals of Pastry Baking and Desserts (Module)6
Heritage Studies (Higher Certificate)6GA364
Hotel and Hospitality Operations6GA362
Modern and Innovative Pastry Baking and Desserts (Module)6
Tourism (Higher Certificate)6GA360


TitleLevelCAO Code
Agricultural Engineering (Hons)8GA683
Architectural Technology (Hons)8GA483
Biomedical Engineering (Hons)8GA 682
Civil Engineering (Hons)8GA484
Construction Management (Hons)8GA480
Energy Engineering (Hons)8GA681
Engineering Common Entry (Hons)8GA684
Manufacturing Engineering Design (Hons)8GA685
Mechanical Engineering (Hons)8GA680
Quantity Surveying and Construction Economics (Hons)8GA482
Software and Electronic Engineering (Hons)8GA580
Agricultural Engineering7GA675
Architectural Technology7GA472
Biomedical Engineering7GA 674
Civil Engineering7GA473
Construction Management7GA470
Energy Engineering7GA673
Engineering Common Entry7GA676
Manufacturing Engineering Design7GA677
Mechanical Engineering7GA670
Quantity Surveying and Construction Economics 7GA471
Software and Electronic Engineering7GA570


TitleLevelCAO Code
Applied Biology and Biopharmaceutical Science (Hons)8GA781
Applied Freshwater and Marine Biology (Hons)8GA780
Chemical and Pharmaceutical Science (Hons) 8GA782
Computing and Digital Media (Hons)8GA788
Computing and Digital Media (Hons, Add-on) 8
Computing (Data Analytics) - ICT SKILLS/SPRINGBOARD+8
Computing (Software Development) - ICT SKILLS/SPRINGBOARD+8
Forensic Science and Analysis (Hons)8GA786
Medical Science (Hons)8GA785
Physics and Instrumentation (Hons)8GA783
Public Health Nutrition (Hons)8GA 791
Software Development (Hons)8GA787
Software Development (Hons, Add-on)8
Sport and Exercise Science (Hons)8GA790
Applied Biology and Biopharmaceutical Science7GA771
Applied Freshwater and Marine Biology7GA770
Chemical and Pharmaceutical Science7GA772
Common Science (Undenominated)7GA774/784
Computing and Digital Media7GA776
Physics and Instrumentation7GA773
Software Development7GA775
Evaluating the Evidence for Public Health Nutrition (Module)6
Human Nutrition and Metabolism (Module)6


TitleLevelCAO Code
Accounting (Hons, Add-on, Mayo)8
Acute Medicine Nursing (Part-time)8
Applied Social Care (Hons, Add-On, Mayo)8
Applied Social Care (Hons, Mayo)8GA889
Business (Hons, Mayo)8
Business (Mayo - Add on)8
Cert Building Digital Healthcare Communities8
Community Development and Youth Work (Hons)8GA892
Early Childhood Education and Care (Hons)8GA890
Early Childhood Education and Care (Hons, Add-on)8
eHealth Online8
General Nursing (Hons, Mayo)8GA880 (Standard and Mature)
Geography and Outdoor Education (Hons)8GA891
History and Geography (Hons, Add-on, Mayo)8
History and Geography (Hons, Mayo)8GA887
IT Services Management (Hons, Add-on, Mayo)8
Nursing (Hons, Add on)8
Nursing (Non-EU/EEA Nurses)8
Outdoor Education and Leisure (Add-on)8
Outdoor Education (Hons)8GA885
Peer Support Practice8
Psychiatric Nursing (Hons)8GA882 (Standard and Mature)
Sustainable Building Technology (Add-on, Mayo)8
Sustainable Building Technology (Hons, Mayo)8
Accounting and Financial Management (Mayo)7
Applied Social Care7GA879
Business (Mayo) 7
Community Development and Youth Work 7GA876
Culture and Environment7GA872
Early Childhood Education and Care7GA871
Information Technology Administration (Mayo)7
Outdoor Education and Leisure7GA870
Sustainable Building Technology7
Early Childhood Education and Care6GA864
History & Geography (HC, Mayo)6GA862
Information Technology Support6GA_KITSC_C06