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Art & Design / Textiles Graduate - Susan Basler

Susan Basler

When I was deciding what college to go to I visited a few colleges that offered art and design programmes, and really liked the atmosphere in GMIT’s Centre for Creative Arts and Media. 

GMIT was always was my first choice and I was delighted when I got in.

What I loved about the course was the variety.  You could choose to do fine art or design, and within that you could decide what techniques to use and specialise in.  I wanted to specialise in textiles from the very beginning, and doing all the subjects in my core year distilled that even further.  

The most challenging thing for me at the beginning was the group critiques.  It was daunting having everyone looking at, and commenting on, your work.  It turned out to be extremely valuable as it taught me to take a step back and listen to what my potential audience might think.   

I loved my time at GMIT - everyone was really friendly and it was easy to fit in. 

I graduated from the four year BA (Hons) in Design in Textiles in 2013, and have now set up my own contemporary textile design studio called Subadesigns in south Sligo ( 

My goal is to be able make a good living doing what I love to do.

Course Details:

Bachelor of Arts in Art and Design

Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Design in Textiles

Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Design in Fine Art