Critical Theory 4: Research Methods and Dissertation


The aim of this module is to enable students to chart their own path through the terrain of contemporary visual art by writing a Dissertation. The writing of same will be preceded by a six-week Research Methods component focusing on Research Methodologies, eResources and Databases. A Dissertation Proposal and Literature Review will be compiled by each student following the Research Methods component. Students are encouraged to select a topic that has a significant relationship to their current studio practice. The Dissertation itself will then be drafted by each student with submission date in late March each year. Each student will be required to attend a Vive Voce post submission.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Determine a suitable topic for investigation within contemporary art and design practice

  2. Demonstrate research skills and methodology in the location and accessing of appropriate information through libraries, electronic databases and other resources.

  3. Develop analytical and critical skills through the consideration of written texts and visual artefacts

  4. To complete a research project through the written word, taking it through the proposal, planning, literature review, drafting and editing stages to completion

  5. Generate a considered argument, logically structuring relevant evidence in support of the case being made applying standard methods of citation and bibliography.

  6. Deliver a Seminar Presentation of research to peers using current online visual and textual presentation tools

  7. To develop further core presentation skills and engage constructively with the audience. To develop further core presentation skills and engage constructively with the audience

  8. Undertake further Theoretical Research in the field of contemporary Art at Level 9.