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GMIT Culinary Arts and Gastronomic Sciences

Bachelor of Arts in Culinary and Gastronomic Sciences

Three year degree combining scientific principles with the theoretical and practical aspects of food. Graduates will develop the skills neccessary for an exciting career in food research and development and/or the culinary sector.

Discipline: Culinary Arts

Programme Code: 


Location: Galway - Dublin Road

NFQ Level: 7

Programme Duration: Three years

Mode of Study: Full time

Application Route: Apply through the CAO

Places: 32

CAO Round 1 Points: 160 (2020)

Why Study?

The Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in Culinary and Gastronomic Sciences aims to provide the student with the knowledge, creative skills and technological competences necessary for a career in the food and/or culinary sector. 

The course is designed to reinforce and enhance the student’s knowledge of scientific principles, processes and technologies through the study of food.

This degree course will benefit students who are interested in applying scientific principles to the theoretical and practical aspects of food, from production of raw materials to food product development.

The first two years of the programme provide students with practical culinary skills and basic food science and technology, nutrition and gastronomy knowledge, supported by laboratory practicals.

The final year focuses on the acquisition of more advanced scientific skills in the area of food science, sensory science, flavour, in theory and through their application in food product development.

Graduates will be equipped with a unique combination of skills, by combining the creativity of the chef with scientific and technical knowledge.


Programme Modules

Year 1


Year 2


Year 3


Career Opportunities

The programme will support graduates in their pursuit of careers in the food industry, and in the culinary and catering sector, by enhancing professional culinary skills in areas such as new product development, food processing and manufacturing.

Career opportunities for graduates of this programme include:

  • Chef roles - commis, sous, head, and/or executive chef
  • Development chef within the food industry
  • Food research and product development in the food industry
  • Food entrepreneur

Follow-on Studies: 

Successful graduates will be eligible to progress into the final year of the honours degree in Culinary and Gastronomic Sciences.


Essential Information: 

This programme offers an introductory work experience (12 weeks) between year 1 and year 2, and a 30 week (semester long) industry work placement during year three.

Additional Costs

Students of the College of Tourism and Arts can incur additional costs.

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