Culture and Society


This module introduces students to knowledge, themes and debates characterizing contemporary culture and society.

In the first semester, students are introduced to a wide range of current debates and controversies through a range of social media, online media and traditional media formats.

The second semester seeks to deepen student insight by exploring the core principles and traditions of thought underpinning these debates.

The module proceeds through seminar presentations, student discussion and the completion of an essay at the end of each semester. Students will be assessed on two seminar presentations and two essays over the two semesters.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Identify a topic of contemporary concern and develop a rich understanding of topic and its ethical contours through the research process  

  2. Attain basic research skills to locate and access information through libraries, databases and other online resources

  3. Develop analytical and critical skills through the consideration of written texts and visual resources

  4. Deliver a coherent presentation through PowerPoint and engage in considered and constructive debate

  5. Implement the principles of essay writing including standard methods of citation and constructing a bibliography

% Coursework 100%