Curriculum and Assessment


In the Curriculum & Assessment module students teachers clarify what is meant by the terms 'curriculum' and 'assessment'; they examine definitions and models, and their application in the classroom. Using Inquiry-based Learning (IBL) and Problem-based Learning (PBL) methodologies, students examine international trends in curriculum and assessment as well as contemporary issues in Irish curriculum policy and practice. A primary focus is to facilitate student teachers to gain an understanding of the nature and design of curricula and assessment in post-primary education in Ireland. The module affords them an opportunity to understand curriculum reform and critically evaluate curriculum choices offered at localised levels in post-primary schools. Students identify key stakeholders and appraise the role of key organisations  contributing to curriculum and assessment at post primary level. Students collaborate to develop cross-disciplinary curricular planning grids/schemes of work, that incorporate creative approaches to assessment. Students also examine international trends.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Plan coherent, progressive and integrated teaching events and modules

  2. Demonstrate an understanding of contemporary debates about curriculum developments and initiatives in second-level education

  3. Critically appraise schools as organisations and learning communities

  4. Use a range of strategies to support, monitor and assess pupil progress

  5. Contribute to curriculum and subject planning in their practice school

  6. Demonstrate an appreciation of the role of curriculum studies in teachers' professional development

% Coursework 100%