Design and Manufacture Projects


Design & Manufacture Projects will focus on the development of learners as professional furniture designers and makers. The module's applied nature will nurture making and design skills by the nature of industry focused project briefs. The applied projects will challenge learners to question the context of their design work but also explore manufacturing, technology and creativity in the realisation of their ideas.

Focus will be placed on increasing the learner's understanding of user centred design, design for manufacture principles and sustainability factors. Through specifications, material identification, process selection and production learner’s designs will be tested for commercial viability.

Students will be encouraged to explore the use of hand, machine and digital manufacturing processes in the realisation of products, jigs and prototypes.

Products produced will be to industry standards and need to satisfy user functional needs as well as any social or environmental aspects linked to the design and production of a product. All projects will be developed through an in-depth practice led research and design development process before final manufacturing begins.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Compile, evaluate and apply research to the design and manufacture of furniture and wood products

  2. Apply creativity, user-centred design principles, sustainability and innovation within constraints and limitations when responding to a design brief

  3. Interpret and analyse design briefs, identify and clarify requirements, propose, develop and refine solutions and plan the manufacturing phase through to completion of innovative and contemporary furniture and homeware products

  4. Illustrate conceptual and practical research led design skills to communicate the design and development of creative and innovative furniture and homewares products

  5. Plan, organise and manage the safe use of a broad range of hand and machine processes to make and finish high quality products

  6. Demonstrate skill, knowledge, competence and ability as a designer to create and critcally evaluate a body of self-directed high quality, innovative objects.

% Coursework 100%