Design in Textiles Studio Practice 2


The aim of this module is to equip learners with an understanding of the processes inherent in textile design - with reference to loom-woven and surface textiles. Studio and workshop practice introduce the learner to methodologies and techniques relevant to both print and weave. The processes involved in the research, development and project resolution phases equip learners with the skills necessary to generate designs for fashion and furnishing fabrics.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Generate visual research and gather information to build a body of research

  2. Demonstrate an ability to think creatively: relfect on, draw conclusions and develop creative ideas in an original/personal way. Resolve aspects of experimental textile sampling to create work based on idea/s explored

  3. Respond to a set brief by engaging in workshops, in debate in seminars and tutorials and by articulating ideas and problems

  4. Produce a range of designs on paper to be used for woven and printed fabrics which show experimentation and a creative response to the research gathered

  5. Produce a variety of printed and woven cloth samples (with suggested end uses) building on personal research and design processes. Document the range of specialist practical skills needed to produce the required ranges of printed and woven samples.

  6. Demonstrate good workshop practice and an awareness of Health and Safety issues pertaining to print and weave.

  7. Demonstrate skills in expression through the medium of printed and woven textiles, building on the research process.

% Coursework 100%