Design in Textiles Studio Practice 3


This module is an introduction to the world of mixed-media textiles. It introduces learners to the concept of digital technology and its applications to contemporary craft based practice.

The module focuses on use of fibre, cloth and materials manipulation and surface treatments. Traditional and contemporary approaches such as machine and hand stitching, bonding, heat treatments technology and digital manipulation are explored. Learners are made aware of the relevancies of these processes to personal expression. Marrying traditional and digital skills can lead to cutting edge outcomes in world of contemporary cloth and textile art.

This module creates a tangible link between digital knowledge and textile art practice. Applications include (but is not limited to) uses of vector and bitmap imaging software (Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator). This module is rich in skills based learning that will be synthesised and applied in practical projects for assessment. Ideas are explored, appraised and realised digitally through workshops, seminars and in project briefs.


Learning Outcomes

  1. Generate visual research and gather information to build a body of research

  2. Demonstrate an ability to think creatively: relfect on, draw conclusions and develop creative ideas in an original/personal way. Resolve aspects of experimental textile sampling to create work based on idea/s explored

  3. Generate a selection of small textile artefacts (samples) derived from developmental artwork. Consolidate sampling skills in production of art-piece/s. Document the range of specialist skills, in digital and mixed media textile techniques, that have been explored

  4. Respond to a set brief by engaging in workshops, in debate in seminars and tutorials and by articulating ideas and problems (to include digital outcomes in the seminar context).

  5. Demonstrate skills of expression and communication through the medium of digital and mixed media textiles, building on personal research

  6. Acquire and build skills in a selection of textile-related digital media applications as an extension of creative studio practice. This will be evident in research strategies and in the portfolio submission

  7. Process virtual practice to physical outcomes eg. digital and combined processes, on paper and other surfaces, as part of the portfolio assessment.

% Coursework 100%