Design in Textiles Studio Practice 4


This module provides the learners with the necessary skills to engage in ideas‑led research for textile art, design and fine-craft. The learner explores practical and theoretical issues as they apply to research and development of ideas for contemporary textiles. This module is the first of two studio modules delivered over the academic year. This module focuses on academic, practical and professional skills that provide the learner with the skills to work as a contemporary textile practitioner.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Generate and evalaute research through visual observations, creating artwork and gathering information

  2. Express an ability to think creatively and abstract from research gathered

  3. Exhibit understanding of the process involved in the development of textile concepts, design and artworks

  4. Demonstrate the ability to respond to project briefs by engagement in workshop process, in debate in seminars, tutorials, critiques and articulating developed thinking

  5. Undertake and demonstrate independent study and exercise substantial personal autonomy

  6. Evaluate learning, creative process and outcomes to identify personal needs within a structured learning environment

  7. Develop awareness of individual strengths in the broader creative sphere and identify the learner's role as a textile artist/designer/craftsperson

% Coursework 100%