Design Process 1


This module introduces students to the design process, beginning with an analysis of the requirements of a design brief, leading on to the development of creative solutions to a design problem. This will be conducted in parallel with analysis of existing products and design in context, to the presentation of design concepts.

To achieve this, the module aims to provide students with a foundation in the drawing and visual skills necessary to effectively develop and communicate design ideas, through freehand sketching and a range of drawing techniques and media appropriate to the design process.

This module is studio based and therefore practical by nature. To inform their practical work students will be taught how to appreciate design in the context of historical and contemporary precedents, as well as being introduced to circular design and th eco-design process.

Work undertaken by students of this module will be linked with the module Projects 1.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Evaluate a design brief and apply the design process to generate ideas and solutions to given problems

  2. Produce sketches appropriate to the design process

  3. Analyse and evaluate existing products

  4. Create presentations for the purpose of visually communicating design ideas

  5. Understand and appreciate design in an historical, contemporary and environmentally sustainable context.

% Coursework 100%