Digital Storytelling 1: Imagery


This module takes as its starting point the ubiquity of digital media in our contemporary world.

It introduces the technical and theoretical skills necessary to use a variety of affordable digital equipment and media to convey a diverse range of narratives. Students learn to use low cost equipment to create, edit and disseminate factual and fictional stories.

It is a practical module which aims to show the student the potential and possibilities of digital media as a tool of communication.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Understand the basic elements of both still photography and moving image capture as they are relevant to digital storytellers.

  2. Demonstrate an ability to use affordable equipment such and mobile phones and mid-level digital cameras to generate and broadcast a variety of fiction and non-fiction narratives.

  3. Develop, transform and critically evaluate an original idea across a range of digital processes.

  4. Exercise independence and self-motivation towards the conception and completion of theme centered narrative projects.

  5. Appraise the variety of digital storytelling work across a variety of media.

% Coursework 100%