This module provides an opportunity for the learner to conduct an independent piece of research. Developing the capacity to devise and complete a sustained piece of research and independent writing is one of the defining features of a graduate of the Outdoor Education honours programme and is of particular relevance and importance in the context of Irish Outdoor Education where the field is practice rich and research poor. Learners participating in a designated stream on the BA (Hons) programme will align their research area with this stream, e.g. Geography or Therapeutic focus.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Demonstrate both a broad and in-depth knowledge of their chosen area, building appropriately on the work completed during earlier years of the outdoor education programme.

  2. Articulate a knowledge and understanding of contemporary issues and critical concepts in outdoor education research

  3. Evaluate a range of data collection instruments with reference to issues such as the reliability and validity of the data and the feasibility of use.

  4. Deploy bibliographic skills, including citation of sources and consistent use of conventions in the presentation of scholarly work

  5. Deploy research skills, including reading; drafting, re-writing and editing; information retrieval skills; the ability to gather, sift, and organise material independently and critically, and evaluate its significance.

  6. Show competence in the planning and execution of an extended piece of writing, presenting information and argument in a critical and cogent manner.

  7. Present persuasive written and oral arguments concerning his or her own research and the work of other authors.

  8. Organise working time and keep to deadlines while demonstrating the ability to operate independently and responsibly, in the production of a sustained piece of critical writing.

% Coursework 100%