This dissertation module provides the mechanism for learners to carry out an in-depth, independent investigation, analysis and presentation of a research topic; organisational or workplace innovation dilemma of their choosing, related to the relevant academic discipline and/or academic field.  This dissertation module also provides the framework for an alternative to the theoretical dissertation.  The learner may choose to conduct an Applied industry study, albeit the report write up will follow the same formal academic format as the dissertation format.

Within this module, learners will conceptualise, design, conduct, analyse and formally write up, then visually / orally present a substantial research project to postgraduate research standard. The objective of this module is to provide a structured pathway to support students through a process of applied investigation and/or scholarly research and develop their capability to conduct independent, critically evaluated research. It is expected that learners will engage with research projects which are relevant and applicable to their professional field.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Demonstrate a detailed knowledge and understanding of a research topic / practice-based innovation question within the field of specialism. 

  2. Structure research work to a timeline, collaborating effectively under guidance in a peer relationship with their dissertation supervisor.

  3. Demonstrate an ability to apply a complex and specialised range of research design, data collection, data analysis techniques and investigative skills (such as fieldwork, interviews, questionnaires and quantitative techniques), relevant to a professional research focus.

  4. Formally present an in-depth critical review of professional and academic literature related to the research topic.

  5. Defend decisions related to theoretical and practical research design and implementation choices, justifying these with reference to ethical, and regulatory considerations and, where applicable, potential or perceived bias and/or emancipatory, organisational, environmental and/or societal impact.

  6.  Formally present an independent, critically written research dissertation to the appropriate scholarly standard.

  7. Formally present and defend research findings, drawing conclusions and delivering recommendations relevant to the relevant professional field, having due regard to potential individual, societal and/ or organisational impacts of the research / innovation project outcomes.