Diversity and equality


This module is underpinned by the Rights of the Child. Acknowledging and respecting the equality issues and diversity in young children is crucial in order to provide a holistic approach to children’s development and care in the early years. This module considers the historical perspective and legislative framework that informs contemporary practice. The module will promote self-reflection as a key to providing inclusive Early Childhood Education and Care. Guidelines of good practice from national and international perspectives will be explored and the role of the Early Years Educator will be analysed to support the positive development of a diverse and welcoming society for all children and families. The role of the Early Years Educator in actively working with children, parents and colleagues to promote respect and support for the right of every child and adult to participate as equal citizens in society is examined. Children’s identity both individual and group is the starting point for working with children in relation to equality and diversity.



Learning Outcomes

  1. Demostrate knowledge and understanding of equality and diversity and the relevance of inclusion practices in the ECEC sector.

  2. Explore how attitudes, beliefs, assumptions and values may impact on young children and families that access ECEC services.

  3. Take account of differences when working with babies and young children.

  4. Develop the ability to recognise and the strength to challenge discriminatory policies, procedures and incidents, both within the ECEC sector and the broader community.

  5. Develop, implement and evaluate initiatives to support and extend the inclusion of all children and families in ECEC services above and beyond.

  6. Audit existing ECEC services with a regard to including all children and families accessing the setting, including programme plans, resources and the environment indoors and outdoors.

% Coursework 100%