Embedded Systems


This module involves the design of the software and hardware elements of a 32-bit embedded system. System programming is implemented using Application Program Interfaces (APIs) and industry standard development environments are used to develop and test the embedded system. Students will develop embedded systems incorporating sensors and wireless technologies such as WiFi, Bluetooth and RFID. An emphasis will be placed on developing secure wireless communications.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Develop embedded C code for 32-bit embedded systems using industry standard Application Program Interfaces (API).

  2. Choose the optimum microcontroller memory, serial and timer peripherals for a specific embedded application.

  3. Integrate the hardware and software design elements of a sensor based embedded system.

  4. Develop secure wireless connected devices using WiFi, Bluetooth and RFID.

  5. Estimate the power consumption of an embedded system and be able to utilise microcontroller power modes to extend battery life.

  6. Develop and debug a networked embedded system using embedded C code and an industry standard development environment.

% Coursework 100%