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Advanced Certificate – Craft Motor Mechanics (Apprenticeship)

The Motor Mechanics apprenticeship is a great way to acquire the practical skills required in the automotive industry, whilst allowing you to earn while you learn.

Discipline: Engineering Apprenticeships

Location: Galway - Dublin Road

NFQ Level: 6

Why Study?

Apprenticeship programmes are demand driven, meaning the skills you acquire on an apprenticeship programme are relevant to the needs of the industry and labour market.

Many learners thrive using the hands-on, learn-by-doing approach of apprenticeship training. The class contact for the Motor Mechanics Phase 4 course is 35 hours per week. Approximately 50% of your time will be spent in a classroom environment, where you will build upon the motor vehicle theory you learnt in Phase 2. The other 50% of your time will be spent in the motor mechanic garage, where you will have the opportunity to re-enforce what you learn in the classroom environment using automotive equipment.

Programme Modules

Phase 4

Module 1: Engine Mechanical 5

  • Technology and Component Examination
  • Cooling System Diagnostics
  • Lubrication System Diagnostics

Module 2: Body Electrics

  • Body Wiring Diagrams and Circuits
  • Basic Electricity/Electronic Components
  • Alternator/Charging System
  • Starter Motor/Circuit
  • Ignition System
  • Auxiliary Electrical/Electronic Systems
  • Fgas and Mobile Aircon Systems

Module 3: Braking Systems

  • Brakes (Vehicle Work)
  • Brakes (Bench Work)
  • Module 4: Transmission
  • Manual Transaxle System
  • Final Drive/Differential

Module 5: Petrol Fuel Injection

  • Fuel Supply System
  • Electronic Fuel Injection
  • Emissions

Module 6: Steering and Suspension

  • Steering Systems
  • Suspension Systems

Module 7: Compression Ignition

  • CI Principles and Diesel Fuel System

Module 8: Service-Quality and Management

  • Quality and Management

Phase 6

Module 1: Petrol Engine Management System

  • Ignition System
  • Electronic Petrol Fuel Injection
  • Emissions
  • Engine Management

Module 2: Steering and Suspension

  • Systems Technology
  • Systems Fault Diagnosis

Module 3: Brakes

  • Brake Testing
  • Brake Assistance
  • Antilock Braking System

Module 4: Transmission

  • Manual Transaxle System
  • Final Drive/Differential/4-Wheel Drive
  • Automatic Transmission

Module 5: Body Electronics

  • In-Vehicle Networks
  • Body Wiring Diagrams and Circuits
  • Safety Restraint Systems
  • Fgas and Mobile Aircon Systems
  • Gaseous-Discharge Lamp
  • Information/Entertainment Systems

Module 6: Compression Ignition

  • Diesel Engine Management

Follow-on Studies: 

Successful completion of the Motor Mechanics Phase 4 course will allow you to progress onto the next phase (Phase 5) of the Advanced Certificate Craft – Motor Mechanics apprenticeship programme.

Essential Information: 

For further information on Motor Mechanics apprenticeships, contact your local Education and Training Board or visit the Generation Apprenticeship website (

Programme Duration

Phase 4 - 10 Weeks

Phase 6 - 10 Weeks


Application Process

Apply through Generation Apprenticeship.

NB: You do not apply to GMIT to register for an apprenticeship course. The relevant employer registers applicants as an apprentice. After that, SOLAS will notify you of where and when your off-the-job training will take place.


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