Civil Engineering Graduate, Muhammad Ali

Muhammad Ali, Design Engineer (Arup), graduated 2013.

I completed Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) in Civil Engineering from GMIT in May 
2013. After completing my degree, I got a job offer from ARUP and I am working as 
“Design Engineer” in Building Design group. Since I have started my career, I have worked 
on a variety of projects such as Universities, schools, offices & offices etc. 

Under my current role, I spend most of time using computer programmes to perform analysis 
of structures. Part of role also involves linking Revit models with Analysis packages as all 
our projects are delivered using BIM. Apart from this all, I co-ordinate the design with other 
members of the project team -Architect’s, Mechanical & Electrical Engineers and Quantity 
Surveyor that can sometimes be very challenging. Finally, as a Structural Engineer, I feel 
great satisfaction seeing a structure on site that I have designed. 

Muhammad Ali