Graduate Stories

Mechanical Engineering Graduate - Tommy Griffith

GMIT Galway

Tommy Griffith from Balla, Co. Mayo is a 1996 GMIT graduate of the Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering

From there he started working as a Researcher & Developer and progressed into UK Sales and Services with McHale Engineering. He then moved to a company called Production Equipment. These were his stepping stones to set up his own business. Having worked in different types of industries, he then spotted an niche for reducing waste, as waste was not just a national problem but a global problem and he knew that by entering that market he could grow within it.

PEL was established in 2005, and PEL have designed and patented a product for reducing glass waste. PEL have won numerous awards including awards for Innovation and for Best Business Practice. A wards include First Flight Exporter of the Year 2008 and Finalist of Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year 2009. His says his greatest achievement has been seeing his products being used to reduce waste and waste costs for customers as far away as Australia.

PEL has established itself as a leading manufacturer of equipment for reducing waste with over 80% of what they produce going to export. Some of its key clients would be Radisson Hotels and Hilton Hotels to name a few. PEL’s main export markets would be UK, France and Holland and 2013 will be an important year as they are entering into the US Market.

Tommy was recently awarded Mayo Person of the Year 2016.