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Electronics and Computer Engineering - Siddharth Raizada

Electronics and Computer Engineering - Siddharth Raizada

Siddharth, originally from India, has lived in Newcastle, Galway for more than ten years now.

Having had the experience of going to Secondary School at the Bish in Galway, Siddharth knew from early on that GMIT was where he was headed. A few of his teachers, and friends, had told him if he was interested in obtaining a degree in Electronic and Computer Engineering then GMIT was the place to go.

Although feeling like he was well prepared to enter 3rd level, Siddharth struggled with one course module in particular (Language C) but with the help of one of his lecturers and support from his classmates, he managed to pass his exams, despite the struggle.

Feeling accomplished, Siddharth went on to 2nd year and work on a Smart Car project, designing and building a car that knows how to avoid collision with an object.

“Coming to college at GMIT has turned out to be so much better than I expected. Students are so humble here, compared to other colleges or universities. I have made so many new friends and know I will make many more before I finish my degree. People here at GMIT are really straight forward. I like that a lot.”

With his sights set on becoming an Investment Banker someday, Siddharth is excited about the possibilities that lie ahead for him, once he graduates.

Heavily involved in the Cricket team (for 1st year) and Volleyball team still, Siddharth is most surprised at the diversity of students at GMIT.

“To start with, there are only one or two Irish students on the Volleyball team. I have become friends with Arabs, Asians, Africans, Irish, all to name a few and I love getting to know people of different cultures. GMIT is brilliant because it is like one big family. We all know each other.”