Student Stories

Mechanical Engineering - Davie Elliot

Dave Elliott from Mervue came to GMIT to study engineering after losing his job in 2008. He graduated from GMIT with a First Class Honours Degree in Mechanical Engineering and recently completed a one year taught Master’s in Mechanical Engineering in NUIG.

"As I was a mature student I found the entire process of returning to college completely intimidating but due to losing my job college seemed to be the best option left open to me. In the past I had qualified as a motor mechanic so I felt that Mechanical Engineering could be quite enjoyable for me. I also quite liked maths which is a help when you choose an engineering discipline.

"I was under no illusion. I fully understood the work load required. The year I started a lot of people had lost their jobs so there was quite a large number of mature students but I have to say that I was very impressed with all the young guys in the class also. It takes quite a bit of dedication to do well in Mechanical Engineering and most people in the class were very determined to succeed.

"I had met an old friend of mine not long after I had lost my job in the construction industry as we were walking along the prom and he told me of how lucky he had been to be accepted to a forestry course* at GMIT and how much he was enjoying it, so almost straight away I went up and applied to the school of Engineering and honestly have never looked back since. It was definitely one of the best decisions I have made in my life.

"I found all the lecturers to be hugely helpful and so long as they could see you were trying they would do their very best for you. It was possible to call to their office anytime and they always tried their best for everyone. Personally I quite enjoyed the maths type modules, as after a while it is possible to really come to grips with them.

"My most challenging module was the computer aided drawing (CREO) as I was particularly weak on computers when I started in college but with a good amount of hard work I noticed that I had caught up with everyone and kept up with the class from there on.

"I personally did not get involved in many clubs due to the fact that I was so busy with my studies. I found it completely took up all my time. I didn’t notice many engineers getting involved in things like student elections because quite honestly we just had too much college work to do. The course is very involved and at the same time it is very hands on and you will be an asset to any company after you have completed an Honours Degree in Engineering at GMIT.

"I completely enjoyed the entire experience. I was constantly surprising myself with the great results I was obtaining along the way and also made some great friends throughout the process. After I completed my studies in GMIT I obtained a Masters in Mechanical Engineering at NUIG. This is something I could not have foreseen for myself when I began at GMIT.

"I have since began my new career as a Research and Development Mechanical Engineer for GW Lisk in Gort and am absolutely delighted with my new position. I am really enjoying my new career and things are looking great for the future."

*The forestry course is no longer offered in GMIT