Entrepreneurship has been a common global economic concept of the past decade. This module introduces the foundations of entrepreneurship that are important to understanding the decisions that entrepreneurs make, the environment in which they make those decisions and the tasks they must take before launching a new venture. Relevant theory and concepts will be evaluated in order to develop a full understanding of the needs of a successful enterprise culture.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Compare and contrast different theories and concepts connected with the role of the entrepreneur.

  2. Explain the role of entrepreneurship in economic growth.

  3. Distinguish entrepreneurial ventures from small businesses in terms of their purpose and goals.

  4. Evaluate the issues involved in developing and running a family business.

  5. Assess the contribution of small business to the Irish economy.

  6. Assess the impact of current government policy in enterprise.

  7. Evaluate why entrepreneurs and SMEs are at a disadvantage compared to large firms in financial markets.

  8. Explain the role of the venture capital market.

  9. Describe the process associated with the initial public offering.

  10. Explain integrative growth strategies-growing within the industry.

  11. Examine diversification strategies-growing outside the industry.

% Coursework 50%
% Final Exam 50%