Entrepreneurship in Action


The aim of this module is to give the Learner a practical insight into the day-today activities and problems of social/ private enterprise by undertaking a research project for them.
This module will require Learners, working as either (a) as individuals to engage with a social enterprise/private companies in the field or (b) working on developing their own business or business idea to research, analyse and presenting a specific piece of work. This assignment can be for a client company in the GMIT Innovation Hubs, Ballybane Enterprise Centre or other area or their own business/business idea. It is envisaged that the Entrepreneurship in Action module would be one day a week over the duration of the full academic year where Learners will have the opportunity to observe other businesses or their own business in operation, identify an area that needs improvement, and deploy their skills to research the problem area and identify recommendations. This module provides an opportunity to apply in an integrated fashion, the theoretical knowledge and skills acquired elsewhere in the Bachelor of Business Honours with Entrepreneurship.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Demonstrate the ability to apply conceptual thinking to the analysis of business problems in contexts which may be new to the learner

  2. Develop business solutions that demonstrate an appreciation of the inter-relationships between business functions and processes.

  3. Use appropriate research methods to conduct effective research.

  4. Use research-based evidence to make judgments and play an effective role in business decision making.

  5. Write, present and defend material that articulates ideas, insights and analysis using a variety of business media.

  6. Display the necessary personal management skills to plan, organise and manage business projects and assignments.

  7. Demonstrate the skills and motivation necessary to manage learning tasks independently, professionally and ethically.

  8. Reflect on their own performance and identify their own learning needs

% Coursework 100%