Event Management 2


The aim of this module is to enable the learner to plan, co-ordinate, manage and evaluate a live event. It is designed to broaden the learners understanding of event planning, marketing, scheduling, budgeting, evaluation and execution of events.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Demonstrate the ability to develop a realistic and coherent event management plan based on time and resources available.
  2. Develop event management objectives and strategies for achieving them

  3. Manage an event from idea generation to evaluation and follow up

  4. Identify the most suitable techniques to enhance group effectiveness and learn appropriate techniques for negotiations and conflict resolution

  5. Apply personal and professional skills gained to the management of an event

  6. Identify gaps in relation to students own communication, group work, leadership and time management skills and be aware of techniques and sources of information to resolve them.

% Coursework 100%