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GMIT event management student on placement in US

Bachelor of Business in Event Management with Public Relations

Discipline: Events & PR

Programme Code: 


Location: Galway - Dublin Road

NFQ Level: 7

Programme Duration: Three years

Mode of Study: Full time

Application Route: Apply through the CAO

Places: 45

CAO Round 1 Points: 200 (2020)

Why Study?

The aim of this award is to provide relevant, professional education for students on all aspects of the planning, marketing and management of events and public relations programmes in this multifaceted industry.

Programme Modules

The mandatory modules taken by all students are as follows:

Year 1:


•   Introduction to Event Studies (PDF 312KB)
•   Introduction to Public Relations  (PDF 306KB)
•   Communications & Customer Care (PDF 310KB)
•   Introduction to Business Law (PDF 302KB)
•   Event Risk Management (PDF 305KB)
•   Learning & Innovation Skills (PDF 315KB)
•   Introduction to Accounting & Business Maths (PDF 302KB)
•   Communications & Customer Care (PDF 310KB)
•   Event Operations (PDF 310KB)


French (PDF 301KB); Gaeilge (PDF 305KB); German (PDF 309KB); Information Technology Comprehensive (PDF 300KB); InformationTechnology Introduction (PDF 301KB); Spanish (PDF 306KB); Sports Event Management (PDF 302KB); Wedding Planning (PDF 300KB)

Year 2:

•   Conference & Exhibition Management (PDF 305KB)
•   Marketing Principles (PDF 303KB)
•   Financial Accounting (PDF 299KB)
•   Management Information Systems (PDF 296KB)
•   Public Relations Techniques (PDF 305KB)
•   Economics (PDF 303KB)
•   Corporate Entertainment (PDF 303KB)
•   Management Principles (PDF 307KB)
•   Event Software Applications (PDF 302KB)
•   Management Accounting


French 2A (PDF 300KB); French 2B (PDF 300KB); Gaeilge 2A (PDF 305KB); Gaeilge 2B (PDF 306KB); German 2A (PDF 311KB); German 2B (PDF 314KB); Multimedia Applications (PDF 303KB); Spanish 2A (PDF 305KB); Spanish 2B (PDF 306KB); Sports Event Management (PDF 302KB); Wedding Planning (PDF 300KB)

Year 3:
•   Work placement (PDF 307KB)
•   Event Planning Management (PDF 304KB)
•   Public Relations Management (PDF 306KB)
•   Human Resource Management (PDF 306KB)
•   Services Marketing (PDF 302KB)
•   Financial Management (PDF 302KB)

Elective modules chosen by students throughout the programme include, but are not limited to:

•   French (PDF 299KB); Spanish (PDF 308KB); German (PDF 310KB); Gaeilge (PDF 307KB); Multimedia Applications (PDF 307KB); Digital Media Technologies (PDF 301KB)

Career Opportunities

Graduates with this qualification can expect to find employment in a variety of event, PR and entertainment enterprises including:

  • Conference and convention centres
  • Charitable non-profit organisations
  • National and regional tourism organisations
  • Hotels
  • Public relations firms
  • Event management agencies
  • Sports and leisure centres
  • Community development organisations
  • Arts and music festivals
  • Multinational companies
  • Public sector organisations

In addition, there are opportunities for graduates in consultancy, self- employment, research and postgraduate education.

Follow-on Studies: 

Graduates may progress to the final year of the Bachelor of Business (Honours) in Event Management with PR, the Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Hotel and Catering Management or to the Bachelor of Business (Honours).

Essential Information: 

Work Placement

  • Upon completion of exams in year two, students undertake an accredited thirty week industrial placement. This placement is organised by the LINKS office in conjunction with the student.
  • If students are considering an international career, the college would encourage students to study an international language during their three years of study and to complete their international placement in a location that supports the development of the language.

The College has extensive international links with hotels, tourism organisations and educational organisations and is an active member of the Association of Irish Festival Events (AOIFE).

Additional Costs

View Student Costs for First Years (PDF).

Niamh Gallen - Culinary, Tourism and Arts Graduate 2015

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