Fashion Concepts


In this module learners explore ideas through the process of design, concept development and 3D  outcomes for fashion design. Learners will develop and advance aesthetic sensibilities through drawing and visualisation. Students will design, develop, and refine shapes and silhouettes for creative innovative outcomes that will be realised in fabric. Learners engage with fundamental and advanced aspects of creative pattern cutting and construction. Cognitive processes necessary to designers such as concept development, visualisations and problem-solving are applied. 

Learning Outcomes

  1. Demonstrate advanced enquiry, creative understanding, and experimentation in the language of drawing.

  2. Analyse and apply their findings logically and with selectivity to formulate design concepts.

  3. Develop fashion drawings and technical flats from own designs.

  4. Evaluate appropriate construction methods to realise in cloth, apparel and details to own design.

  5. Illustrate their designs, produce and present a body of work reflecting skills and know-how in the design process. 

% Coursework 100%