Field and Laboratory Techniques


The module provides a theoretical and practical basis for the selection and application of a range of field and laboratory techniques relevant to applied freshwater and marine biology. Learners can select to develop and apply these skills in either the freshwater or marine environment, allowing them to explore differentiated learning to inform their choice of alternative career paths. Sustainable development topics referenced within the module include: Good Health and Wellbeing; Cleaner water and Sanitation; Climate Action; and Life Below Water.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Demonstrate proficiency in a range of relevant field and laboratory techniques.

  2. Select and apply appropriate techniques to address analytical tasks in applied freshwater and marine biology

  3. Plan and conduct fieldwork in a safe, effective and successful manner.

  4. Record, interpret and present data, results and outcomes of field and laboratory analyses in a competent and professional manner.

% Coursework 100%