Fieldwork: Local Stories


This module consists of a two-week placement in Letterfrack. Students will help set up a temporary media hub and develop content for broadcasting via community radio and a dedicated YouTube Channel. Content will be generated through interaction with the local community and will voice the concerns, stories and issues of participants. Students will work individually and in teams to generate, manage and distribute content. An evaluation of material and the project as a whole will consider the voices of local participants and audience feedback. This is keeping in line with the ethos of public service media.


This is an intensive two-week immersion in a local community. It demands students to react quickly and move smartly in the generation of material in what will be, for the most part, unfamiliar terrain to the student group. This is replicating real world circumstances where professionals 'parachute' into an area, generate content before moving on to other projects. Such projects must be undertaken in accordance with the ethical demands of representing another community.  

Learning Outcomes

  1. Attain practical experience in researching, content creation, post-production and broadcasting in a real-world setting

  2. Work effectively as an individual media producer and team working tasks involved in group productions

  3. Appraise the multiple roles and ethical, practical challenges in a medium scaled media production unit.

  4. Gain real world experience of the demands of liaison and accountability in community storytelling and advocacy journalism

  5. Organize and gather quality feedback from participants and local community as part of a self/group evaluation process

% Coursework 100%