Financial Management


This module covers the broad area of Finance and Financial Management in business, corporate and personal scenarios. Having an appropriate knowledge of Financial Management is vital for value creation both within a business context and on an individual personal level. In a corporate scenario, whether it is the consideration of a major investment programme, or trying to decide on the best kind of finance to use, the objective of creating value for shareholders over the long run is paramount. This module examines all of the key areas and issues facing a financial manager.

This module is also designed to meet the standards of professional accounting examinations and the indicative syllabus content reflects this.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Display a fundamental knowledge of the principles of financial management and its importance in the business and corporate environment, as well as its application to an individual.

  2. Recognise and collate the information necessary for a variety of working capital management scenarios as they relate to the business and corporate environment.

  3. Appraise capital investment projects through the use of appropriate methods (taking into the account the effects of taxation/inflation/uncertainty).

  4. Demonstrate a thorough knowledge and understanding of appropriate sources of finance for specific situations.

  5. Asess cost of capital implications for corporate entities, along with the ability to perform business valuations in various alternative scenarios.

  6. Apply foreign currency risk management techniques together with interest rate risk management techniques.

% Coursework 20%
% Final Exam 80%