Financial Services 1 - Loans and Life Assurance


This module will introduce students to the world of financial services and will focus on personal loans and life assurance.  The module will prepare and facilitate students to undertake the Qualified Financial Advisor (QFA) Loans and Life Assurance examinations by the end of the module. The module also incorporates relevant content to enable students undertake the CFA Institute 'Claritas' Investment Certificate following completion of Financial Services 1, 2 and 3. 

Learning Outcomes

  1. Examine the main types of life assurance savings and protection needs a consumer may have at different life stages and conclude on a appropriate strategy.

  2. Compare and contrast the various life and protection requirements of both individuals and companies, taking into account the taxation implications.

  3. Assess client loan needs and compare housing loans in terms of duration, cost, facilities, and characteristics.

  4. Analyse the debt restructuring and equity release options available to borrowers.

  5. Understand and consider the long term loan offerings in the market place and the risks involved in securing this debt.

% Coursework 100%