Food Packaging and Marketing for Product Development


This module provides students with a systematic understanding of the process of food product development from concept to launch, with a specific focus on packaging and labelling requirements. It will also provide learners with a context in which marketing elements are applied to food products and the role of sensory in marketing, whilst equipping the student with the capacity to collaborate and critique existing scientific literature.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Critically evaluate the role of packaging, labelling, consumer perception and EU regulatory compliance in the context of food development and production.

  2. Identify and apply the requisite knowledge of food product development, with a focus on marketing and branding.

  3. Formulate and complete a marketing and branding portfolio to an advanced standard, demonstrating capacity for critical evaluation and professional competence.

  4. Demonstrate critical thinking, problem-solving capacity, and ongoing reflective practice applied to the area of food product development, packaging, labelling, and marketing.

% Coursework 100%