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Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Forensic Science and Analysis

Discipline: Forensic Science

Programme Code: 


Location: Galway - Dublin Road

NFQ Level: 8

Programme Duration: Four years

Mode of Study: Full time

Application Route: Apply through the CAO

Places: 32

CAO Round 1 Points: 317 (2020)

Why Study?

Students will discover how a crime scene is investigated and how to collect and analyse crime scene evidence.

They will learn about ethical computer hacking, DNA analysis and much more.

There is a large practical and project component to the programme and students will learn skills such as project management, time management, decision making and laboratory practical skills.

On completion, graduates will have a qualification that will provide opportunities for employment in a range of areas and will facilitate career advancement to managerial positions.

Professional Accreditation

This degree is accredited by The Chartered Society of Forensic Sciences, an internationally recognised professional body with members in over 60 countries.

It is one of only three forensic courses in the Institutes of Technology sector to have this full professional accreditation.

Dr Lisa Ryan, Head of the GMIT Department of Natural Sciences, explains the importance of this accreditation for prospective students, current students and graduates of the programme:

“There are many benefits to education accreditation. For the students and parents, it shows the course has been independently assessed and meets the professional body standards thus giving additional confidence. 

To the industry and employer it shows the education provider is serious about independent scrutiny and meeting the standards, and showing continual improvement to develop graduate employees.

In addition it shows the Institute is open to independent review and has been successful providing assurance to students and employers.”

Programme Modules

The course has three main areas of study:

  • Forensic and Analytical  Chemistry
  • Molecular Biology (DNA)
  • Computer Forensics

Modules include Forensic Chemistry, Evidence Evaluation, Forensic DNA, Computer Forensics, Environmental Chemistry and Crime Scene Investigations.

This four-year course includes a six month work placement in third year.

In fourth year, students undertake an individual forensic research project.

In addition, this course has guest lecturers from Forensic Science Ireland and the Gardaí Technical Bureau as well as experts in other areas of forensic science.

Career Opportunities

Graduates will have opportunities for employment in the following areas:

  • Forensic Science
  • Analytical and Pharmaceutical Sciences
  • Biotechnology and Biomedical sectors
  • Environmental Protection

Post-graduate Studies: 

GMIT honours (Level 8) qualifications are recognised worldwide for postgraduate entry.

Essential Information: 

There is a six-month work placement in year three of the programme.

There is no need to have studied Chemistry for the Leaving Certificate as the fundamentals of all science subjects are delivered in year one.

Materials Fee
Students will be liable for an additional materials fee of €150 per year for certain full time programmes. This fee is not covered by Granting Authorities. Material Fees are not applicable to either Erasmus, Part-Time or Full time Non-EU students.


Forensic Science & Analysis at GMIT - Student Experience

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Audrey Cahill - Forensic Science & Analysis Graduate

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Dr Seamus Lennon

Tel: +353 (0)91 742705
Email: Dr Seamus Lennon


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