Freshwater and Marine Biology Work Placements

In Semester two of year three, GMIT Applied Freshwater and Marine Biology students must complete a minimum two month work placement, often held abroad.

The placement usually commences in February. From this time the students will be based in the host Company / Research Institute full time.

The students will have completed their final Year three exams before the project placement begins.  Therefore, extension of the placement to cover the summer period is also an option, potentially resulting in a five or six month placement.

Examination of the students’ placement performance is based on assignments that students complete while on placement, a reflective portfolio that they write about their placement experiences, and a final interview.

Nature of the Placement:
Students typically get placements in private companies, public bodies, non-governmental organisations and research institutes working in a range of areas within freshwater and marine biology.

Students are encouraged to become involved in the organisation of their placement at an early stage, to ensure that they obtain a placement that matches their own particular interests.

Subject Matter:
Suitable placements hosts include organisations that carry out environmental monitoring of freshwater and marine habitats, conservation of freshwater and marine species, management of aquatic resources, sustainable production of freshwater and marine species (e.g fisheries), and scientific research on aquatic species and habitats.

Terms and Conditions:
Payment/benefits for the students are not a requirement and are at the discretion of the host Company/Institute.

All Students will be covered by GMIT's insurance policy while on placement. 

If your company would like to take an Applied Freshwater and Marine Biology student on work placement please contact:

Dr Martin Gammell
Tel: +353 (0)91 742277