COVID 19 Resources for Staff

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for GMIT staff

Coronavirus Advice to help people stay safe

I would like to return to campus. What do I need to do?

Most people completed the Return to Campus protocol in August and September.  If you have not already done so, please complete the following steps as soon as possible.

  1. Complete the Return to Campus protocol.  This consists of two parts – a COVID-19 induction training and quiz and a Campus Access Health Declaration form.  Click here for access to the  Return to Campus Protocol 
  2. Communicate with your manager about visiting GMIT/returning to work.
  3. Prior to arriving in GMIT each day, staff and students are required to complete a daily health check form.  This form is available here: Daily Health Check and Attendance Form. This form will also serve to record your presence on campus which may be used for any subsequent contact tracing work. It is important that this form is completed for every day of attendance at GMIT.
  4. Daily Personal Contact Log: If you have established any ‘close contacts’ during the day in GMIT, then, before you leave, you must complete the Daily Personal Contact Log  This form can be found at  Note: that a close contact is someone you have spent more than 15 minutes of close contact with, within 2 metres (indoor or outdoor) whether wearing a face covering or not; OR someone you have spent more than 2 hours with, in an indoor setting, whether wearing a face covering or not.


How link to these forms on your phone:

You can add a link to these forms on your phone's home screen, to make it more convenient to access them.  

For Android phones:

  • Launch Chrome for Android, go to, and click on the link for the form. 
  • Tap the menu button (3 vertical dots on the top right of your phone) and tap ‘Add to Home screen’, and tap ‘Add’ a second time. 
  • An icon named “GMIT Daily Health Check and Attendance form” should now appear on your phone home screen. 

For iPhones:

  • Navigate to the link, tap the Share button on the toolbar (the rectangle button with an arrow pointing upward). This is at the bottom of the screen on an iPhone. 
  • Then scroll down to the list of actions and tap the ‘Add to Home Screen’ icon in the Share menu.
  • You will be prompted to name your shortcut before tapping the Add button.

I work in GMIT. What are the actions I must take when attending GMIT and where can I read about the overall GMIT response?

Please consult the document ‘Key Actions Required When Attending Campus. This document outlines the important actions all staff must take when attending campus.


For academic staff, the key actions include: 

  • Ventilation – this is CRITICAL.   Please ensure all windows are open in the room you are teaching in (at least a 30 cm opening)
  • Attendance – record the student name and location number within the room.
  • Sanitize workspace – ensure everyone sanitizes their work/study space before and after use.
  • Ensure everyone sanitizes hands before the start of each session and before and after they don a face mask.
  • Ask all students if they are COVID-19 symptom free at the start of every session.
  • Remind everyone to complete the Daily Health Check and Attendance Form and if close contacts are created (outside of timetabled classes) then the Daily Personal Contact Log should be completed.


With regard to the overall GMIT response, we are monitoring the situation closely and will continue to issue regular updates by email and on the GMIT website.  We have prepared a COVID-19 response plan which details the preparations that we have completed with regard to mitigating risks associated with COVID-19 and the plan also provides information and guidance to staff and students on our new work practices and policies for working during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Please consult the GMIT COVID-19 Response Plan

How to arrange a COVID-19 test.

(i) During term times, please contact your local student health unit:

Contact details for the student health units:

  • Student Health providers: Dublin Road Campus & CCAM Campus 091 742228;    
  • Mayo Campus (Dr. Stephen Patten) 094 9021999;
  • Letterfrack Campus (Dr. Alexander Michel) 095 43465.  

Note, if you feel ill / need a test after hours or at weekends, call your GP.  If you do not have a GP, search by county/ town here:  Find GP Services in your area (  or call your local GP out of hours service.


(ii) Outside of term times (e.g., over the summer holidays):

To get a Covid test arranged over the summer, you can contact your GP, or you can avail of a walk-in test centre.  This is a free service.


Getting tested for COVID-19 in Galway city and in Castlebar.

Note:  Locations of test centres and opening times are subject to change.

Please check here for up-to-date information before you travel to a walk-in centre:

COVID-19 walk-in test centres -

There are two walk-in centres in Galway city, and one in Castlebar.  You do not need an appointment; you can just attend these centres and request a test. 

If you have recently travelled to Ireland and after the appropriate duration of isolation, you wish to get a COVID test, then you can attend one of these walk-in centres.

  • You need to bring photo ID and provide a mobile phone number.
  • Do not arrive at a test centre before the opening time.  Tens centres can be very busy, and you may have to wait.  If you arrive near closing time and there is a queue, you may not get a test that day.


Galway city:

Galway airport

Carnmore, H91 VWX2

Open Monday to Friday, 10 am to 7.30 pm

Open Saturday and Sunday 10 am to 5.30 pm


NUI Galway

9 Distillery Road, Galway, H91 TF1P

Open Monday to Friday, 10.30 am to 5 pm

Open Saturday 10 am to 5 pm

Closed on Sunday.



McHale Park, Castlebar, F23 FX34

Open Monday to Friday, 10 am to 5 pm

Open Saturday 9.30 am to 11.30 am

Sunday 10 am to 4pm

Welcoming visitors to GMIT. What do I need to do?

If you are welcoming visitors (including contractors) to GMIT, you need to:

  1. Consider if the visit is absolutely necessary, or can the interaction be completed online?
  2. If not, prior to arriving in GMIT each day, visitors are required to complete a daily health check form.  This form is available here: Daily Health Check and Attendance Form. This form will also serve to record your presence on campus which may be used for any subsequent contact tracing work. It is important that this form is completed for every day of attendance at GMIT.
  3. Inform your visitor, and meet them at reception. You must remain with them for the duration of the visit (where feasible), and walk them to the exit when the visit has concluded.

What is the GMIT policy on international travel?

Please find attached the “GMIT policy on international travel for students and staff during the COVID-19 pandemic”.   

As you know, the advice from the Irish Government is to avoid all non-essential travel.

If you do decide to travel outside of Ireland:

  • You must inform the GMIT Covid Officer (  This is required as part of our control of the COVID-19 situation on campus and as part of our obligations as a public sector institution.
  • Upon return to Ireland, you will be required to restrict your movements for 14 days and you will not be able to attend campus until this period of restricted movements is complete. 
  • In certain situations, it may be possible to reduce your period of self-restriction after returning to Ireland, details on this are outlined in the policy attached.

What are the procedures for field trips during COVID-19?

Please refer to the policy “Field trips protocol during the COVID pandemic” here.

GMIT face covering policy?

Please refer to the “GMIT Face Covering Policy”.

What do I do if someone becomes unwell with possible COVID-19 symptoms while on campus?

Student placement during the COVID-19 pandemic

Please see here for a FAQ document regarding student placement during COVID-19.

GMIT Public Health Measures for Duration of COVID-19 Pandemic (part of the Student Code of Conduct)

Please see here for GMIT Public Health Measures for Duration of Covid19 Pandemic.

GMIT Return to Campus Following a Positive COVID-19 Diagnosis

This policy can be found here.

Key actions required when attending campus – students

Other Frequently Asked Questions:

Please see here for a comprehensive list of FAQs related to working in GMIT during COVID-19.

I work in GMIT. What arrangements are in place for leave associated with COVID-19?

Human Resources have developed procedures for staff availing of COVID-19 sick leave or self-isolation in accordance with the national protocols.

The Department of Public Expenditure and Reform have provided Guidance on working arrangements during COVID-19 for the Civil and Public Service.

I work in GMIT. How can I keep personal data safe when working away from the office?

All  GMIT data protection policies & procedures are on the Data Protection SharePoint site and must be followed regardless of whether working remotely or on campus.   Read this guidance form the Data Protection Commission on how to protect personal data when working remotely.

I work in GMIT. How can I access my PC remotely?

Your office PC will need to be switched on, but not logged in, in order for you to get remote access.

Check our guide on how to access your work PC remotely.