COVID 19 Resources for Students

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for GMIT students

It is critical that everyone completes these 12 Covid-mitigating actions daily so that we can have a safe campus for all.


1. Before you attend campus each day - complete the “Daily Health Check Form”:  This can be found at:  Daily Health Check Form

2. If you have any of the COVID symptoms, do not attend campus, but contact your GP or your student health provider:  The Covid Delta variant symptoms are: Runny nose (hay fever like), Headache, Sore throat, New cough, Fever (38oC or more), Shortness of breath, Loss or change to sense of smell or taste.

3. Before you return to campus, watch these 2 short Covid Safety Videos :  Attending Campus Video.mp4   and   GMIT Covid 19 Safety Video.mp4.

4. Register before attending campus, and as part of the registration process complete the Student Health Declaration Form (Campus Access). 

5. Wear a mask. Everyone must wear a mask at all times (3-layer reusable or disposable (changed daily) mask.  Mask should be well fitted – ensure it covers the nose and mouth.

6. Log your attendance at every teaching activity – log your presence by completing the Class Attendance & Location Record. This will allow for contact tracing should it be needed.

7. Sanitize your work/study space before and after use.  Sanitising wipes are provided in every room.

8. Please maintain a physical distance from others when possible.

9. Practice good hand hygiene and good respiratory etiquette.  Frequent hand washing/sanitisation & cover nose/mouth with a tissue / inner elbow.

10. Travel to Campus:  Students should ideally travel to campus alone.  It is recommended to avoid public transport, if possible, by walking, cycling, or driving by oneself.  If it is necessary to share a lift or to use public transport, wear a mask and ensure windows are open in the car / bus.

11. Maintain your own contact log - keep your own record of staff/students that you meet and download and use the Covid Tracker App:  HSE COVID-19 Tracker App

12. If you develop Covid symptoms at college. Contact your lecturer or Head of Department and and return home to isolate.  If you need to wait in GMIT prior to returning home, isolation rooms are available:

     Dublin Rd campus:  Room 153.          CCAM:  Room 128

     Mayo Campus:  Room B004                Letterfrack Meeting Room 1


GMIT College Year 2021/22

*** Safe Return to Campus*** - We are really looking forward to welcoming students on campus again in September 2021.

Our reopening plan sees a phased return to campus for all from 20th September 2021 - read full Press Release (Issued 1 September 2021).

Most GMIT students were able to attend campus for labs, tutorials, and practicals over the last year.

We hope to build on this from September, by scheduling more learning activities on-site before a full return to learning and research on all our campuses.


Students can expect to:

  • Return to campus from 20th September for continuing students and from 27th September for first-year students.
  • Attend tutorials, seminars, practicals, labs, workshops, and some smaller lectures on campus
  • Have some teaching online  
  • Experience a blended #First5Weeks Induction programme for first-year students


Your safety is our priority. Measures in place in GMIT include:

  • Enhanced ventilation on all campuses
  • Mandatory masking indoors to prevent outbreaks
  • Access to extra outdoor spaces on campus


We will follow public health advice at all times. While we are planning a phased large-scale return to campus, we will also have contingency plans in place in case circumstances change.

Do not attend campus if you feel unwell and contact details for student health providers

If you have any of the COVID symptoms, do not attend campus, but contact your GP or your student health provider:  The Covid Delta variant symptoms are:

  • Runny nose (hay fever like)
  • Headache,
  • Sore throat
  • New cough
  • Fever (38oC or more)
  • Shortness of breath
  • Loss or change to sense of smell or taste.

If you wish to access the Student Health Unit located on the Dublin Road campus – there is no walk-in service, you must phone them first – phone 091 742228.  If you do not get through, leave a voicemail, you will get a call-back quickly.

Student Health providers: 

  • Dublin Road Campus & CCAM Campus 091 742228
  • Mayo Campus (Dr. Stephen Patten) 094 9021999
  • Letterfrack Campus (Dr. Alexander Michel) 095 43465
  •  After 5 PM or at weekends, if you do not have a GP, search by county/ town here or call the GP out of hours service.  

How to arrange a COVID-19 test.

You can book a Covid-19 PCR test at the following venues:

  • Galway City – Forster Street, Galway, H91N1FD.
  • Galway City – NUIG Campus, 9 Distillery Road, Galway , H91 TF1P
  • Galway – Galway airport, Carnmore, Oranmore,Co. Galway, H91 VWX2 (only book if you have own transport)
  • Mayo - McHale Park, McHale Rd, Castlebar, Co Mayo F23 FX34

You need to bring a photo ID and provide a mobile number.

Full details on how to book a Covid PCR test are at:

Book a COVID-19 test - HSE (

You can book a Covid PCR test online if you have not tested positive for Covid in the last 9 months.  If you have tested positive for Covid 19 in the last 9 months and have Covid symptoms, please contact your GP or the student health unit.

If you have Covid symptoms

Do not attend campus, but IMMEDIATELY self-isolate, and arrange a Covid test. Do not attend the student health unit – book a test online or if you are feeling unwell, phone Student Health Unit or GP for advice.

If you live with someone who has symptoms

Normally, if you live with someone who has Covid symptoms, you must immediately restrict your movements (i.e. stay at home) even if you feel well.

However, you do not need to restrict your movements if you are fully vaccinated against Covid-19 or have had a positive Covid PCR test in the past 9 months.


What are the actions I must take to reduce COVID-19 risk when attending GMIT?

If you are identified as a close contact of a Covid-positive person

Normally, if you are a close contact of a Covid-positive person or if you live with a Covid-positive person, you must immediately restrict your movements (i.e. stay at home) even if you feel well.

However, close contacts and those who live with a Covid-positive person, who are fully vaccinated or have had a positive Covid PCR test in the past 9 months, and do not have Covid symptoms, need not restrict their movements. 

However, in certain cases this advice may change, so you must follow the specific advice given by the HSE Contract Tracing team.  A contact tracer will tell you what you should do when they phone you. 


Guidance on what to do if you become unwell when attending GMIT.

If you become unwell on campus, the procedure to follow is:


If you become unwell on campus, contact your lecturer or head of department and and return home to isolate.  If you need to wait in GMIT prior to returning home, isolation rooms are available.  Make your way to the isolation room avoiding contact with other people.  Make sure the windows in the isolation room are open.

Dublin Rd Campus: Room 153 CCAM: Room 128
Mayo Campus: Room B004 Letterfrack: Meeting Room 1

If you had symptoms for COVID-19, but your test came back negative.

You can return to campus when you are symptom free for 48 hours or your GP certifies that you are medically fit to return to campus.  Note - students in the Galway International Hotel School may have other requirements before they return to campus – liaise with your Head of Department.

If you are diagnosed with COVID-19

You must IMMEDIATELY self-isolate for at least 10 days.  Inform as GMIT has to review each case.  Also, you must liaise with the Covid Officer in GMIT to get permission to return to campus.  Ensure that you look after yourself and follow medical advice on treating symptoms.  Take your temperature daily as you will have to know that you are fever-free as one of the criteria for being allowed to return to campus.  If you do not have a thermometer, or need any other assistance during your period of self-isolation, contact

What is the GMIT face covering policy?

Please refer to the “GMIT Face Covering Policy

Information on the use of face coverings, and instructions on how to make your own face covering, is available on the HSE website.

What are the COVID-19 symptoms?

If you have ANY of these symptoms you need to IMMEDIATELY self-isolate and arrange a COVID test:   

  • Runny nose (hay fever like)
  • Headache,
  • Sore throat
  • New cough
  • Fever (38oC or more)
  • Shortness of breath
  • Loss or change to sense of smell or taste

How do I restrict my movements or self-isolate?

Important contact details

Student Health providers: Dublin Road Campus & CCAM Campus 091 742228;    Mayo Campus (Dr. Stephen Patten) 094 9021999; Letterfrack Campus (Dr. Alexander Michel) 095 43465.  If you do not have a GP, search by county/ town here or call the GP out of hours service.  Covid officer is at: or phone 091 742708 / 0852092713.

What daily forms do I need to complete when attending campus?

  1. Before arriving on campus each day, you must complete this Daily Health Check Form. This online form reminds you to check yourself daily for covid symptoms.                                                                                                                                                                          
  2. For the contact tracing process, we need to record student attendance and location within the lecture room / lab, so you must complete th Class Attendance and Location Record for every class. This records your name, room number, seat number and time (seats will be numbered).


How link to these forms on your phone:

You can add a link to these forms on your phone's home screen, to make it more convenient to access them.  

For Android phones:

  • Launch Chrome for Android, go to, and click on the link for the form. 
  • Tap the menu button (3 vertical dots on the top right of your phone) and tap ‘Add to Home screen’, and tap ‘Add’ a second time. 
  • An icon named “GMIT Daily Health Check and Attendance form” should now appear on your phone home screen. 


For iPhones:

  • Navigate to the link, tap the Share button on the toolbar (the rectangle button with an arrow pointing upward). This is at the bottom of the screen on an iPhone. 
  • Then scroll down to the list of actions and tap the ‘Add to Home Screen’ icon in the Share menu.
  • You will be prompted to name your shortcut before tapping the Add button.

GMIT Public Health Measures for Duration of COVID-19 Pandemic (part of the Student Code of Conduct)

Please read this document with regard to the public health measures that must be adhered to during the pandemic. This document can be found here.

GMIT Return to Campus Following a Positive COVID-19 Diagnosis

This policy can be found here.

What is the GMIT policy on international travel?

What are the procedures for field trips during COVID-19?

Please refer to the policy “Field trips protocol during the COVID pandemic” 

Timetable and Academic Calendar

Check for your timetable. 

Download the GMIT Academic Calendar 2021/22 (PDF 98KB).

Learning online: Computers/laptops, broadband and guide to learning online

As lecturing will be predominantly online next year, you will need the use of a computer and internet connectivity. 


Computer specification

You will need a good computer/laptop in order to receive online lectures and tutorials, to upload assignments, engage in student forums, complete quizzes etc. 

A second screen can easily be connected to your computer or laptop and will assist you in working and learning online.

You can choose any brand of PC or laptop. 

Good value can be found locally, and there are also discounts offered on various devices at

Note: some Schools may have a more detailed specification for the device they wish their students to use. If so, you will hear from your School shortly on this.


Student Laptop Loan Scheme

Further information here: GMIT Student Services



Some credit unions and banks may offer special credit rates for the purchase of this equipment.

If required, you should check with your local credit union or bank. 

If we receive details on any financial deals with regard to the purchase of student computers, we will post such information on the student portal.



You will need a good broadband connection. 

You should see what speeds are available from the broadband suppliers in your area. 

If broadband is not available in your area, you should review what data services are available from the various mobile phone companies and identify the service with the best capacity.


Guide to learning online

Download a handy guide to learning online for GMIT students (PDF, 166KB).


How can I keep personal data safe when working/studying remotely?

Read this guidance from the Data Protection Commission on how to protect personal data when working remotely.

Erasmus exchange update

GMIT is committed to supporting Erasmus+ mobilities and exchanges for incoming and outgoing staff and students.

All updates are reached after carefully considering the many health and safety protocols in place which continue to protect the GMIT community.

Please continue to check our Erasmus+ page for updates. 

Thank you and #staysafe

(1 July, 2020)

Exams & Assessments, Registration, Fees, Grants

Exams and assessments

By now your lecturers have been in touch with you regarding outstanding assessments and exams.

If you have any queries or concerns please email your lecturer and/or your Head of Department. 

Check our FAQs on exams and assessments, and a number of useful resources (Sharepoint link, so you may need to sign in).



Staff will not be on campus to stamp forms or provide letters on a daily basis.

If you need a college stamp, please email

If you want to submit a "Withdrawal" or "Interrupted Study" form, please scan and email it to

We will respond to your queries as soon as possible.



Email for fee liability queries or for queries on installment plans.



You will continue to receive your maintenance grants as normal while we are closed. The duration and value of the grant will not change.

If you are on a SUSI grant and subsequently withdraw from college with a withdrawal date during the closure, you may receive a SUSI payment in error. In this case, you may be contacted to repay the money.

Email with queries.

Student Services

Access & Disability Service

Our educational support staff are working remotely to continue supporting students registered with the Access and Disability service by:

  • note-taking for online lectures
  • providing students with material in alternative formats
  • assisting with access to course material
  • If you have not already done so, please contact your support staff member to arrange potential remote support.

You can contact your lecturer to add your support staff’s GMIT email address to the online lecture.

Email with any queries.


Student Health Unit

The Student Health Unit is now operating as a restricted area on an appointment only basis. Students are welcome and regular services are provided but appointments must be made by phone in advance.  To make an appointment please ring the Health Unit on 091 742228 or 091 742440.

If a student has COVID symptoms – they should immediately self-isolate and arrange a Covid test. Do not attend the student health unit – phone the Student Health Unit 091 742228/ 091 742440 or their GP for advice and inform the Covid Officer –

Our other campus healthcare provider contact details are as follows:

Mountbellew: as above

Mayo students: 094 9021999

Letterfrack students: 095 43465

Please keep up to date with the guidelines issued by the HSE.


Counselling Service

Our Counsellors are operating as usual offering online and phone sessions.

If you wish to make an appointment with our counselling service please email

If it is an emergency please contact your local GP.

Check these guidelines for reducing anxiety relating to Covid-19

Find a list of useful helpline numbers, apps and online cognitive behavioural therapy website here.



I am anxious about my mental health what can I do?

The outbreak of Coronavirus in Ireland is unprecedented.

The advice is to self-isolate and to socially distance ourselves from each other.

This may result in high anxiety and stress for a lot of you.

We have put together a list of websites that give you advice on how to reduce your anxiety.




The Chaplain from our Mayo campus is available to support students. Please contact him at 086 8492552 or email

The Chaplain for the Galway campus is also available to support students. Please email him at


GMIT Libraries

All GMIT library sites are operating an online service for all users.

If you have any queries about library services, please email

GMIT staff can also send through queries regarding books or other documents, if required urgently, to

We are continuously updating our social media, if you need any help or advice our libraries are here for you remotely, see links below.

DM us on Twitter
Email us at
Use our LibGuides online


GMIT Careers Service​

If you need any help with CV's, interviews or advice, our Careers Service is available remotely.

Just email

I am in financial difficulty. What supports are available for me?

If you have lost your job (full-time or part-time) or are working reduced hours, you may be entitled to a social welfare payment called COVID-19 Pandemic Payment.

This was designed to get a social welfare payment to unemployed people quickly.

You are eligible to apply if you are:

  • between 18 and 66 years old
  • a non-EU/EEA student over 18 who has lost employment due to the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic


Paid Placement

If you were due to go on a paid placement which has been cancelled or postponed, we recommend that you apply for the COVID-19 Pandemic Payment, detailing your situation.

A decision will be made based on the information you supply.

For more information, and to apply, visit


Students in rented accommodation (excluding digs)

The government is also introducing new legislation to help people who are renting.

If you are having difficulty paying your rent, you should contact your landlord as quickly as possible.

You can also contact the RTB (Residential Tenancies Board) for further advice.


Problem paying your next Fee instalment?

If you have any concerns about making your fee instalment payments, please contact

We will work with you on an individual basis to agree new plans and alternative arrangements. 


SAF (Student Assistance Fund) 

The 20/21 Student Assistance Fund is open for applications from registered students.

SAF is a fund supporting disadvantaged full-time and part-time students who qualify for it on the basis of Household Income.

The application is online and all supporting documentation must be uploaded to a link students will receive on completion of the application form.
The link to apply is available on the student hub.

The process between application/supply of documentation and receipt of any payment students may be assessed as eligible for is usually approx. 4 weeks.

Students receive a base allocation divided between two semesters. Students with non-financial exceptional circumstances may be considered for additional funding

Further information:

Read the GMIT COVID-19 Response Plan (PDF, 940KB)

GMIT Ventilation Information