Eduroam on a Windows Device

How to connect

Connecting to Eduroam on a Windows Device

URL for the Eduroam Installers:

Click on the button



Yow will be presented with this page. Click on Galway Mayo Institute of Technology



You will be presented with a download page.



The installers for Windows 8, Windows 7 and Windows Vista are executable.
Download the relevant executable and install. After it is installed go to the wireless icon on the bottom right of the desktop and choose ‘eduroam’.
You will be asked to enter you credentials into a window similar to this.



When requested enter your credentials:
Username in the format:
- If staff member enter:
- If student enter: student
Password is the same as the one used for all network resources.


If there are problems with this, manual install documents can be used:
- Windows 7 install guidelines (PDF)
- Windows 8 install guidelines (PDF)