FAQs - Accounting Technicians Ireland Part-Time Course

What qualifications can I get from Accounting Technicians Ireland?

The qualifications offered by ATI can be found in the ATI 2021/22 prospectus here

Which qualification does GMIT offer tuition for?

GMIT provides tuition on a part-time evening basis for the Certificate for Accounting Technicians (Year 1) and for the Diploma for Accounting Technicians (Year 2).

Do I have to do both years of the course?

No, you can do only year 1 of the programme if you wish and obtain the Certificate for Accounting Technicians from ATI after successful completion of year 1 examinations. This one year programme is the first step to qualifying as an Accounting Technician and enables progression to the Diploma for Accounting Technicians.

If you want to be an Accounting Technician, however, then you will need to do both years of the programme.

Do I need to gain work experience to become an Accounting Technician?

Yes, to gain the Diploma for Accounting Technicians, students, along with successful completion of year 2 examinations, must also build up two years' relevant work experience. Work experience requirements are determined by ATI. Please click on the link here for further information on the work experience requirements of ATI.

Does GMIT provide any assistance for work experience requirements?

No, GMIT provides tuition only for ATI examinations.

Are there opportunities for further study after I have completed my ATI examinations?

Yes, please see details here to take your studies to the next level.

Does GMIT provide tuition for the Accounting Technicians Apprenticeship programme?

No, GMIT provides tuition on a part-time evening basis for the Certificate for Accounting Technicians (Year 1) and for the Diploma for Accounting Technicians (Year 2).

How do I apply for a place on the Accounting Technicians Ireland (ATI) Part-Time course at GMIT?

Firstly, you will need to complete the GMIT online application form at apply.gmit.ie. The application type needed is AT.

Secondly, you will need to register as a student with ATI - this is done online on the ATI website www.accountingtechniciansireland.ie. You will also need to pay the necessary fees to ATI. ATI charge fees for course manuals, which they supply directly to you, and for exam fees - this is all done as part of the ATI registration process.

What are the entry requirements for this course?

The entry requirements are set by ATI with details here

What are the fees for this course?

There are GMIT and ATI fees for this course. The GMIT fee is €231.25 per module. The ATI fees are listed in the September 2021 Prospectus at the link here

Can I pay for the modules in instalments?

Ideally, applicants who have been accepted on to a course, would pay for their course when they register. However, instalment plans can be put in place, on request to Learn@gmit.ie. If your employer is paying your fee, or a portion of your fee, you can request an invoice from Learn@gmit.ie. ATI also offer an instalment plan, with further details on their website.

What modules are covered in the programme?

The modules covered are:
Year 1 - Financial Accounting, Taxation, Business Law, Business Management
Year 2 - Advanced Financial Accounting, Advanced Taxation, Management Accounting, Financial Data Management (formerly Integrated Accounting Systems (IAS)).

Can I take modules from Year 1 and Year 2 in the same academic year?

General Rules and Regulations of ATI (effective date May 2020) in relation to eligibility for examinations state the following:

You will be permitted to commence study for the Diploma/Year 2 once you have fulfilled the following conditions:

  • You must achieve a mark of at least 50% in, or be exempted from, at least three Certificate/Year 1 subjects, including both Financial Accounting and Taxation;
  • If you are unsuccessful in one Certificate/Year 1 subject (either Business Management or Business Law), you are required to successfully complete this subject at a later date in order to complete the qualification.

I have a previous third-level qualification. Can I be exempt from any modules?

GMIT cannot grant exemptions. ATI deal with all matters in relation to exemptions. You should contact ATI in relation to your previous qualification to see if they can offer you any exemptions from the first-year modules on the course. You must however apply for exemptions with ATI before registering as a student with them. You can get more information on exemptions here.

When does the course start at GMIT?

The course will commence in mid-September 2021, exact date yet to be confirmed.

How is the course delivered at GMIT?

Year 1 modules Financial Accounting and Taxation are delivered on Tuesday evenings.
Year 1 modules Business Management and Business Law are delivered on Thursday evenings.
Year 2 modules Advanced Financial Accounting and Advanced Taxation are delivered on Tuesday evenings.
Year 2 modules Management Accounting and Financial Data Management are delivered on Thursday evenings.

Note: this is an indicative course delivery timetable and is subject to change."

What is the mode of delivery for this programme?

Next year's mode of delivery - online, face to face or a combination of both - is entirely dependent on the government health advice and level of restrictions in force during the upcoming academic year 2021/2022. It is therefore not possible to say at the moment what the exact mode of delivery will be as GMIT will be required to adhere to such advice and make decisions in line with health and safety requirements. For the academic year 2020/2021 the course was delivered fully online with either live or recorded lectures for modules, or a combination of both.

Is there a January intake at GMIT for this programme?

No, there is no January intake at GMIT for this programme. The programme run at GMIT commences in September.

When are the exams held for this course?

ATI hold remotely invigilated online examinations in June each year. Repeat exams are held in August.

I’ve applied for the course, but didn’t get a confirmation email. Have I applied correctly?

The application system we use at GMIT does not issue an email when an application has been made. When you have successfully applied, all the checklist items will be ticked off. You will then click on Application is Complete and if you Agree to the Terms, you will get a Signature page which confirms you have made your application.

I’ve accepted a place on the course, but my hours of work have changed and I can’t now commit. Can I defer my place on the course?

In relation to deferrals or withdrawals from the ATI programme and impact on ATI registration, examinations, ATI fees paid and ATI refunds policy etc., you will need to contact ATI students services.

Unfortunately, GMIT can’t accept deferrals once a place on the course has been accepted.