Student Universal Support Ireland (SUSI) is Ireland’s single national Awarding Authority for all higher education grants.  SUSI offers funding to eligible students in approved full-time third-level education in Ireland and also, in some cases, funding for students who are studying outside the state.

The Student Grant support is the main source of financial assistance and anyone who is thinking of embarking on further study should investigate whether they are eligible, and, if so, submit an application to SUSI. Please note, where a student is not successful in a grant application, then they are liable to the institute for any unpaid fees. Students who have a recognised sponsor will be liable for any unpaid fees if the sponsor defaults on payment.

Where can I contact SUSI?

To assist all applicants there is a SUSI Support Desk which is open from Monday to Friday 9.00 a.m to 5.30 p.m.


Phone: 0761 08 7874

Facebook: SUSI Support

Twitter: SUSI Helpdesk

For further information and to apply for a grant please refer to the SUSI website directly at

What if I’m already in receipt of a grant?

Students who are currently in receipt of a student grant and who are progressing to the next stage of the same course will continue to be assessed and paid by the existing awarding authorities i.e. Student Universal Support Ireland (SUSI).  Please contact SUSI Payments Office directly for payment dates.

If you are changing your course or progressing to a new course you will need to apply through SUSI.

How are my fees paid to the college?

GMIT claim fees directly from sponsors on student’s behalf.  Where a student is not successful in the grant application then they are liable to the Institute for any unpaid fees.  Students who have a recognised sponsor will be liable for any unpaid fees should the sponsor default on payment.

Postgraduate Students

Students entering new full time postgraduate course are not entitled to any maintenance payment under the Student Grant Scheme.  Tax relief is available on postgraduate tuition fees.  Details in relation to tax relief are available for the Revenue Commissioners.

Back to Education Allowance (BTEA)

The BTEA allows qualifying persons to return to full-time education while continuing to get income support.  Please note that the BTEA does not cover your Student Contribution fees; you can apply online to SUSI to have you Student Contribution charge paid on your behalf.

Please contact your local Social Protection Office for further information on the BTEA scheme.

For further information on Grants, please see the following links:

Please note that grant payments are based when a student has been confirmed as registered to SUSI.