Registration and Fees FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions about Registration and Fees

Frequently Asked Questions

When will I get my registration documentation?

First year students will receive an Invitation to Register within a few days of the CAO Acceptance dates for each CAO round. External transfers to GMIT will receive their Invitation to Register after they have accepted their place on a programme. Continuing students should consult the Student Portal for their registration information.

How do I register?

  • Enter User ID & Pin (G00 number on letter & 6-digit date of birth in ddmmyy format e.g. 010180 1st Jan 1980)
  • Select Student Services & Financial Aid
  • Select Registration
  • Select Online Registration
  • Fill out the information requested. (making sure you click the terms & conditions box).
  • If you have followed all the steps, you will get to a "registration complete" page

What is the deadline for registering?

Ideally you should register as soon as you receive your Invitation to Register. You must have completed your online registration before the 30th of September. Failure to register for your programme will result in you not having access to the Library or IT facilities.

What fees do I owe?

Each year the Department of Education determines the Student Contribution Fee to be charged. Most undergraduate students who have no previous third level are only liable for the Student Contribution Fee. Depending on certain factors, you may be liable for the Tuition Fee. There also may be additional charges for your programme such as material fees, which are not covered by a grant. Please see our FEES SECTION for further information.

Do I have to pay my fees straight away?

No, when a student registers online, they will have the option of a “Pay Now” or “Pay Later” button. If you choose the “Pay Later” option, you can pay your fees at a later date.

What payment options do I have?

Below are the options you have to pay your fees:

1. Pay in full online using debit/credit card- PAYFEES 
2. Pay 50% by 31st October and 50% by 31st January
3. Set up an instalment plan or standing order – email
4. Pay over the phone using debit/credit card - 091 742737/2838


How do I apply for an instalment plan?

You have two options for paying your fees by instalment plan:

A: 50% of total fees by 31st Oct and 50% by 31st Jan 
B: 10% of total fees to be paid per month by standing order from 20th Sep to 20th Jun

You must email if you wish to avail of Plan B or if you wish to request an individual payment plan (these may be approved in extenuating circumstances).

What happens if I have applied for a grant?

If you have applied for a grant, you must contact with your SUSI Application Number, your name and Student ID. Please note material fees are NOT covered by a grant.  Therefore if applicable, they must be paid on registering. Process for those waiting on a grant

Are there any financial supports available?

There are two funds available to help students who find themselves in financial difficulty;

The Student Assistance Fund (SAF) is designed to help students from socio-economically disadvantaged backgrounds with ongoing needs for financial support and students with other circumstances.

The Student Support Fund (SSF) is a limited college fund open to all students. 

Please contact Student Services for further information.

Where can I get my Student ID card?

New students to GMIT can obtain their student ID card in Room 509 (9am-5pm) on the Dublin Road campus, Galway (for all Galway students) during induction.

Continuing students should consult HERE for more information on ID cards.  Students in the Mayo and Letterfrack campuses can obtain their cards at their respective campuses.

Please note you must be registered in order to obtain an ID card.

How do I get a timetable of my classes?

When you register you can access the Student Portal using your Student ID (G00 number) and your pin. Here you will find other useful information including your timetable.

Where can I get a letter of registration?

If you need any letters you can fill out the request form at LETTER REQUEST . Alernatively, you can email 

Who can I contact if I'm having trouble registering?

You can email Registration  with your student ID number and name. Alternatively call 091 74 2562 or 742523.

What do I do if I have to repeat a module?

If you have to repeat a module you have two options:

You can either repeat attend the module and attend the lectures or you can sit the exam only.

If you wish to attend the module, you need to fill out a Repeat Attend Form. You can download the form here.

If you are repeating the exam only, you need to fill in the Repeat Exam Only form which can be downloaded here.

I want to leave my course, what do I need to do?

GMIT recognises that occasionally students wish to leave the Institute without completing their programme of study.  If you are thinking of withdrawing please discuss your options with us first, so that you make the best decision for you.  You might need advice or information about the implications of withdrawing in relation to fees or returning to college.  You might be able to avail of supports which could help you remain in GMIT. 

There are many options and lots of information which would be useful for you, so do talk to us before you finalise your decision




What do I do if I have to repeat a module?

You can either repeat attend the module and attend the lectures or you can sit the exam only.

If you wish to attend the module, you need to fill out this Retake (Repeat Attending) Application Form (online form) and get it signed by your Head of Department. 

If you are repeating the exam only, you need to fill in this Resit (Repeat Exam Only) Form (online form).