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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for GMIT staff

Coronavirus Advice to help people stay safe

This page was updated on 20/05/2020 at 3.50pm.

I work in GMIT. What do the current public health measures mean for me?

GMIT staff are expected to stay at home until further notice.

The only exception to this is if:

  • the service is critical to provision of essential education services e.g. ICT


  • it is not capable of being performed from home

All other staff should work from home.​

Online delivery and assessment should continue from home. If you have any queries, please consult with your line manager.

Contact Tracing volunteers working in GMIT have been issued with a letter for Gardaí to enable them to travel to and from GMIT's campuses.

What is GMIT doing about Coronavirus?

We are monitoring the situation closely, and will continue to issue regular updates by email and here on the GMIT website.

Our Business Continuity Team is meeting regularly to plan for a range of scenarios, to enable management to react quickly and effectively.

We are currently working on a Return to Work Safely Protocol to make sure our workplace is safe for return.

Can I travel on Institute business?

GMIT has suspended all international travel for Institute business.

Authorisation previously given for international travel is cancelled.

You can only travel within Ireland on Institute business if it is essential, and cannot be conducted online.

I work in GMIT. What arrangements are in place for leave associated with COVID-19?

Please see link to Circular 0026/2020  - COVID-19 (Coronavirus) - Delay Phase Arrangements for all Public Service employees.

I work in GMIT. How can I keep personal data safe when working away from the office?

Read this guidance from the Data Protection Commission on how to protect personal data when working remotely.

I work in GMIT. How can I access my PC remotely?

Your office PC will need to be switched on, but not logged in, in order for you to get remote access.

Check our guide on how to access your work PC remotely.

Are there any supports available to help me work remotely? (Telecommunications Industry Ireland announcement, 15 April, 2020)

Telecoms industry announces COVID-19 consumer response initiative

Telecommunications Industry Ireland, the Ibec group for the sector, today announced a series of significant consumer commitments made by the industry in the context of the current COVID-19 crisis.

Commenting, Torlach Denihan, Director of Telecommunications Industry Ireland, said: "At what is a critical period for Ireland and a very challenging time for many across the country, the telecommunications industry is working very hard to ensure that people remain connected to their loved ones and to essential services while being able to work and study from home.

Consumers who are in financial difficulty as a result of COVID-19 and have difficulty paying their bills, including those who are cocooning, will be assisted by their service provider to agree an affordable solution for their voice and data services.

In response to this national emergency, the industry has made the following commitments to further support consumers in the context of COVID-19.

  1. Any fixed broadband customers who do not have unlimited usage already as standard will be given the opportunity, if they require, to upgrade their package (which may be on a temporary basis), with their current service provider.
  2. Any customer who does not have fixed broadband and who relies solely on mobile access to the Internet will have the opportunity to avail of an affordable unlimited mobile data access package from their service provider.
  3. Fair usage policies will not be automatically applied to unlimited fixed and mobile data packages.
  4. Service providers may implement appropriate permitted traffic management measures to avoid network congestion.
  5. Access to healthcare and educational resource websites identified by the Government will be zero-rated for all customers where technically feasible.
  6. So that customers can remain connected during the crisis, service providers will engage with any customer that contacts them who is in financial difficulty as a result of COVID-19 and has difficulty paying their bills to agree the best way of keeping them connected to voice and data.
  7. Service Providers will work with ComReg in the event of complaints raised to ComReg by consumers who consider they are not being treated in accordance with these commitments.

In conclusion, these commitments will be implemented by operators as soon as practicable.

Each service provider will provide details and implementation updates on their own website.

The commitments will remain available to consumers until 30 June 2020 and will be reviewed in advance of that date if needed.

As of today these commitments have been made by BT Ireland, eir, Pure Telecom, Sky Ireland, Tesco Mobile Ireland, Three Ireland, Virgin Media Ireland and Vodafone.

COVID-19 information - GMIT Health and Safety Officer

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