Student Health Unit

Providing medical care to regsitered students of GMIT in a confidential and professional manner

GMIT Health

The Student Health Unit provides an acute illness/emergency service - through a 'walk in' system where a Triage Nurse will provide an initial assessment and make a Doctor's appointment for you, if necessary.

Emergencies are dealt with by the nurses throughout the day.

If you have a pre-existing medical condition that may affect your studies in college, you are advised to register with the Student Health Unit on commencement in GMIT.

If you have an on-going medical condition, you should also continue to attend your own doctor.

If you are not a 'local' student and have a Medical Card (GMS), you should consider registering with a local GP on commencement in GMIT.


New! Free online Alcohol Consumption Tool

Have you wondered about the real effect of drinking alcohol on you, and on others? Have you considered how much money you might spend on alcohol in a year?

To help students get ready for the new academic year, GMIT has introduced an online tool called e-PUB.  

This will give you accurate, detailed and personalized feedback on your use of alcohol, and specific information and helpful resources you can avail of.

Click here to log on to e-PUB GMIT and take the (confidential) test.


Location Close to the Students’ Union, Banks, and Chaplain in the Galway Campus

9am – 6pm Monday to Thursday

9am – 5pm on Friday

A GP service is available in the mornings.

Phone +353 (0) 91 74 2228
Email GMIT Student Health Unit
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