Student Special Notices

Student ID Card
Students are issued with a GMIT student card when registered.  This card contains your ID number and photographic image.  It is used as official identification for exams, access to the library and when requesting letters, forms, etc.  The cost of a replacement student ID card is €10.

The photographic image taken when a Student ID Card is being produced is for identification purposes and is attached to your IT account i.e. email, moodle, etc.  You are permitted to remove the photographic image from your IT account if you wish.

Change of Address Details
If you have changed your permanent or home address during the term, or are planning to do so over the summer, please ensure that you notify the Office of Academic Affairs, using the Student change of address form.

Failure to notify us of your Change of Address will result in you not receiving your registration documentation, and can lead to you being regarded as a Late Registration; this carries a fee penalty of €250.

Any students eligible to progress after the Autumn Exam Session will be able to register on-line on from the 19th of September and will receive registration information by post after the release of the exam result.

School of Business

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