Global Cuisine


The learners will be afforded the opportunity to research, prepare, taste, serve and evaluate ethnic dishes from a select number of countries from around the world. Emphasis will be placed on historical and religious influences and ingredients. Ethnic food preparation, cooking techniques and utensils will be employed as appropriate. Attention is given to portion control, costing, plate presentation, and teamwork in a production setting. Advanced knife skills, food safety, and costing are demonstrated and practised daily.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Evaluate basic ingredients and palette of flavours associated with regions of the world.

  2. Discuss the geographical, cultural, historical, religious influences on international cuisine.

  3. Identify and apply the cooking techniques and unique cooking equipment associated with the major world cuisines.

  4. Apply appropriate organisational skills for planning and executing a food service experience.

  5. Research and produce a range of culinary products from selected global regions in a safe working environment.