Group Project


The purpose of this module is to develop the participants ability to work as a member of a team on the creation and marketing of an innovative multiplatform digital media software product.

Learning Outcomes

  1. The student will be able to demonstrate the application of appropriate technologies, software and media manipulation within the domain of applied computing and digital media.

  2. The student will be capable of demonstrating an awareness of the present state of the art in a specialist area of computing including the ability to understand and interpret appropriately an apt solution to a commercial application in their chosen subject area.

  3. The student will be capable of independently acquiring and assessing relevant knowledge that is contextually appropriate and specific to the project and collaborating with the team for an integrated effort & end product.

  4. The student group members will be capable of formally exhibiting his / her technical capabilities, communication skills, project management skills and applied learning on production of the final project using the appropriate collaborative tools.

  5. The student will be able to integrate disparate technologies and principles to successfully develop and deliver an appropriately integrated solution to a computer-based project.

  6. The student will be able to apply critical thinking skills to a challenging "real world" project.

  7. The student team will be able to manage the project, using appropriate planning software and demonstrate the ability of working to appropriate milestones, these will be evaluated on an ongoing basis by project supervisor.

  8. The student will be able critically evaluate his/her own work and research and reflect on the strength, weaknesses and future potential of such work, and contribute EQUALLY to the group.

  9. The student will be able to demonstrate an understanding of the importance and need for excellent interpersonal and project mgt skills in today's challenging business environment.

  10. The student will be able to maintain integrity and independence in professional judgement and conduct his / her work in a professionally ethical manner.

% Coursework 100%