Health, Safety and Site Management


This module provides a broad overview and understanding of the processes and procedures used to in the management of construction projects. The module focuses on the key site management areas of planning, programming, procurement, waste management, health & safety management, sub contractor management, plant management, environmental management and quality control.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Describe the broad range of planning and programming tools used on a construction site and select appropriate tools to suit situational requirements and apply the tools to work specific problems.

  2. Discuss management systems appropriate to construction site management and detail best practice administrative procedures for the efficient management of sub‑contractors including selection methods.

  3. Describe the factors impacting on the efficiency of construction plant and detail a strategic framework within which plant options may be considered.

  4. Provide an overview of the need to prevent, minimise and reuse construction and demolition waste.

  5. Develop appropriate plans and systems for Site Waste Management Planning (SWMP).

  6. Detail procedures for the efficient procurement and management of materials on site, describe the various procurement strategies which may be adopted.

  7. Understand the health and safety statutory requirements pertaining to the construction industry for the stakeholders involved.

  8. Apply practical health and safety procedures and documentation to scenarios based problems

  9. Understand and discuss the promotion of environmental, quality and health and safety management, (ISO standards 9000, 14000 and OHSAS 18000).

% Coursework 100%