Historical Cultural Politics and Visual Production


This module introduces students to the 'colonial' as a critical category for reading the interaction of cultural politics and visual production in Ireland. Edward Said has said that ' one of the main strengths of postcolonial analysis is that it widens instead of narrows the interpretive perspective'. THe following themes will be explored:

Contemporary Historical Cultural & Visual Research:Skills, Methods, Strategies

Postcolonial Theory

Theories of Modernity

Modernism in Ireland

Postmodernism in Historical Cultural Context

Learning Outcomes

  1. 1. Demonstrate competencies in applying critical and analytical research methods to practical examples

  2. 2. Demonstrate written, verbal and commmunication skills in the subject area.

  3. 3 Demonstrate self-evaluative strategies

  4. 4. Demonstrate the ability to theorise and contextualise their own knowledge and learning

  5. 5. Demonstrate the capacity to transger competencies to level 8

% Coursework 50%
% Final Exam 50%