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Higher Certificate in Arts in Culinary Arts - Professional Chef Programme - Springboard

Higher Certificate in Arts in Culinary Arts - Professional Chef Programme - Springboard

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Discipline: Hospitality Culinary Heritage and Tourism

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Location: Galway - Dublin Road

NFQ Level: 6

Programme Duration: One year

Mode of Study: Part time

Application Route: Apply through

Entry Requirements: 60 ECTS at Level 6 in Culinary Arts

Credits: 60

Places: 16



Why Study?

This programme aims to give learners the knowledge, skills and competencies necessary for employment in management and/or support positions within the hotel and leisure sector, and/or, for further academic study in this or related areas.

This programme will provide learners with a modern, academically rigorous and industry relevant educational experience. The scope of the programme covers customer service, operations, and management of hotel and leisure resources, enterprises and /or resorts in a modern dynamic business environment.

The course is designed for upskilling/ advanced skilling purposes and suitable for any candidate currently working at commis chef/chef de partie level in possession of 60 credits of prior learning or related work experience.

Programme Modules

Pastry and Baking Practice 2 - module descriptor can be downloaded here (PDF)

Environmental Management and Food Safety 2 - module descriptor can be downloaded here (PDF)

Classical and Contemporary Cuisine - module descriptor can be downloaded here (PDF)

Culinary Practice 2 - module descriptor can be downloaded here (PDF)

Culinary Business Management - module descriptor can be downloaded here (PDF)

Modern Gastronomy - module descriptor can be downloaded here (PDF)

Global Cuisine - module descriptor can be downloaded here (PDF)

Buffet Presentation - module descriptor can be downloaded here (PDF)

Culinary Business Management 2 - module descriptor can be downloaded here (PDF)




Learning Outcomes: 

  1. Identify the techniques, science and artistry underpinning the preparation of food in a professional kitchen.
  2. Apply the basic techniques and culinary skills to create a diversity of dishes.
  3. Demonstrate operational skills adhering to best practice in terms of health and safety, environmental safety and food safety management.
  4. Manage processes and procedures to function effectively and efficiently in a safe working food production environment.
  5. Apply fundamental business principles to culinary arts operations.
  6. Plan and create recipes and menus appropriate to the scale and finances of commercial/professional businesses.
  7. Identify key competencies required to develop a professional career plan, develop and apply practical and cognitive skills in a work-based environment and develop effective communication and problem solving skills.
  8. Demonstrate ability to meet varying customer expectations with confidence and creativity, with best practice in technical skills in culinary arts including appropriate ICT and recognise the political, economic, social, intellectual and cultural history of the diverse nature of gastronomy.



See module descriptors for individual module syllabii.

Essential Information: 

Start date:

28th September 2021 


Entry Criteria

The process by which learners may commence a programme of education and training having received recognition for knowledge, skill and competence required. This includes prior experiential (non-certified) and accredited (certified) learning.

The part-time programme is aimed at those who are working full time in industry and have at least 3 years' work experience. Applicants must have worked for one year full time in a restaurant kitchen, hotel kitchen, and contract catering kitchen, or similar.

Applicants must apply online and will also be requested to attend interview. Students will be required to have completed a 60 ECTS, Level 6 Higher Education Certificate in Culinary Arts, or equivalent. 



Free to eligible applicants. See

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The Springboard+ Programme is operated by the Higher Education Authority on behalf of the Department of Education and Skills and is co-funded by the Irish Government and the European Union under the European Structural and Investment Funds Programme 2021-2027.